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Service Learning Projects

The Service Learning projects involve working with charitable groups, not-for-profit organizations, and educational facilities. They celebrate experiential ‘learning by doing’ and they are a vital part of our program.

Education Projects

Design Principles 101 For Grade 3 Thumbnail

Dalia Abdalla, Rena Berke, Nicole Colacchio, Juliette Polito
Design Principles 101 For Grade 3

Samples of material

Brianna Varcoe & Rebecca Callahan
Material Sample Event

Community Projects

Migrant Workers Housing Thumbnail

Courtney Mowat & Sara Veltman
Migrant Workers Housing

DesignTO Festival project thumbnail

Melissa Hough, Christina Li, Natalie Wood
DesignTO Festival

3D render of CultureLink reception design

Lawrence Lardizabal & Khang Tran