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Design Centre

The Humber Design Centre features a large, open concept space along with the latest digital imaging and design technologies. With seven open studios, a complete with high-end digital cameras to photograph sample boards, 3D Design Support Centre & Maker Spaces - the Design Centre is an incredible place to learn and explore.

Our learning spaces provide an atmosphere which simulates design studio environments: drafting tables, computer stations, team discussion and presentation areas. An interior design resource room, complete with material samples, computer stations, a lounge area dedicated to the students, sofas, a microwave, layout space, team areas and storage, is available 24/7 with secure access. Whether you're looking to focus on your class assignments, work in the computer lab, research in the library, meet with a teacher, or consult with Career Services, Humber North has everything you need to get started.

design centre

Watch the video to view the Design Centre through the experience of Design Foundation students.