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Plumber Apprenticeship

Credential: Certificate of Apprenticeship Program Code: 06311 Length: 8 weeks

Programs Starting Between:

Apprenticeship Registration

If you have recently received an Offer of Classroom Training, issued by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU), you are required to register into one of the apprenticeship classes listed below.

Note: If you have not received an Offer of Classroom Training or are not yet a registered apprentice you are not eligible to register. For information about becoming an apprentice, contact The Centre for Trades and Technology at

Our Program

In Humber’s Plumber Apprenticeship program, you will learn trade-required skills such as job planning, layout and installation using blueprints; preparation and installation of water and drainage piping systems; repair and maintenance of pipe, valves, faucets and fixtures; and testing of water supply and drainage systems.


The Humber Advantage

Watch the video to learn what it is like to be a woman in the trades industry.

Humber's Centre for Trades and Technology located on Carrier Drive is the new home for Plumber Apprenticeship program. We have a shop that is equipped with materials and equipment that allow teachers to reinforce the theory portion of our courses and highlight current trends within the plumbing industry.

Your Career

The city of Toronto – Canada’s largest city – uses 1.24 million cubic metres of water on an average day. This is enough to fill the Rogers Centre stadium every day for a year. At the same time, Toronto produces a similar volume of sewage or waste water every day. This shows how cities and towns all over the country provide career opportunities in many sectors within the plumbing industry. You can do new construction work in different sectors such as low-rise residential (housing), high-rise residential (condominiums), or commercial and industrial construction. You can install piping systems for the distribution and use of potable water and the safe removal of sanitary sewage. You could choose to do renovation and remodelling of existing plumbing systems or to repair and maintain these existing systems. Finally, you could choose to work in a related aspect of the plumbing industry such as system design, inspections or the plumbing material wholesale sector.

Plumbing Apprenticeship Overview
A plumbing apprenticeship is generally 9,000 hours in length but upon registration with the MTCU, it may be shortened based on education and previous work experience. The in-school training portion makes up 720 hours of the overall apprenticeship. Apprentices at Humber College attend a “block release” class that is eight weeks in length for whichever level of training they are attending (i.e., basic, intermediate or advanced). We also offer an optional one-week pre-exam Certificate of Qualification preparation course for eligible apprentices who have completed all three levels of trade school and are ready to write the exam.

Professional Accreditations & Recognition

Apprentices completing the required in-school training are issued a Certificate of Apprenticeship from Humber College. Upon successful completion of in-school and on-the-job training, apprentices may write the Ontario Certificate of Qualification trade exam.

Additional requirements and/or costs may apply.

Note: The requirements for the additional credential(s) are determined by the granting body, which is independent from the College. Students are encouraged to obtain the specific requirements directly from the granting body before enrolling.

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