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Implementing Website on AWS

Amanpreet Kaur

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In this course, we are required to develop a project that has a motivation and a story behind it. We as a group of two students reflected upon our time that we spent in studying at Humber and came up with a solution to certain problems related to buying course books in here. We decided to build a dynamic website on AWS. Yes, it is AWS. It sounds way too easy but the reason we choose this project is way bigger and our intentions and hard work is real too. We created a dynamic platform for Humber Book exchange where students can buy used books at cheap prices as well as they get an opportunity to discuss with their seniors about the issues related to their course, program and can seek help from them. We have used certain criteria to analyze the final and the most suitable solution in terms of availability, security, cost, origin and platform support. We found AWS to be most reliable and secure platform to host a website that is beneficial for the success of students at Humber College and would recommend it to the students to use this platform to save time and resources.

Presentation on Technical Project poster