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Enterprise Wireless Network by Using the Wireless Controller

Kuldeep Kaur, Jaskiran Kaur, Lovepreet Kaur


In this Project, we accessed Humber Network. Wi-Fi router in our report we are using DHCP service. Power over Ethernet Switch is use in our experiment to connect DHCP server and provides power to AP using Ethernet Cable. Console AP has two ports-Console port and Ethernet port. Console port is used for Configuration of AP. Autonomous AP requires that “heavy weight “IOS is installed in AP. Set up Wi-Fi router as DHCP server. Its wan port is connected to Humber Network and will receive an IP address on the WAN port from Humber College DHCP server. Set up DHCP service to provide pool of IP addresses from to range we assigned. Connect one of the Wi-Fi router LAN ports to one of the LAN ports of PoE Switch. Connect Cisco AP Ethernet port to one of the ports of PoE switch. Connect serial console cable to computer serial port. Do configuration to create SSId and assign password, did encryption.

Enterprise Wireless Network by Using the Wireless Controller Poster