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Sofia Ribeiro Malgueiro

Sofia Malgueiro is an energetic person who is passionate about all aspects of design and loves to play around with different styles. As a designer and recent graduate from the Humber College Interior Decorating program, she sees it as her duty to help clients turn their homes into something truly beautiful.

Naturally Glam Sensations

My overall goal for this project was to create a truly cohesive design that not only meets my clients needs and desires but successfully reinvents the interior through conceptual thinking and full-home renovation as I was hired for. The client is thrilled with the outcome and can now relax with the family in their reinvented home.

3D render of a small living room area  Click to enlarge

Entering the living room, the gold accents and millwork have been used to catch the eye of whoever walks into the space. Subtle green accents in furniture have been beautifully appointed towards the design concept.

3D render of a dark blue kitchen with a long centre island  Click to enlarge

Entering the kitchen, the space is distinguished by the use of oak wood, brass detailing, marble countertops, and green accents.

3D render of a bedroom with an accent wall behind the headboard  Click to enlarge

Entering the bedroom, features a custom wall design, each space ties into each other.

3D hand drawn bedroom with an overlapping square accent wall  Click to enlarge

Hand-rendered 3D perspective. The interior features an accent wall that reflects a modern, uplifting vibe and creates warmth.

2D Render of the bedroom elevation depicting the closet and desk  Click to enlarge

Digitally-rendered Elevation, featuring an open concept closet.

3D render of the floor plan and furniture  Click to enlarge

Digitally-rendered floorplan, providing clearances and a plan view of the interior.

Suite Design

The goal of this project was to give visitors a unique and remarkable experience. The concept texture, can be seen as dynamic and full of movement; this started the base of where I wanted to go with my design direction. The overall interior is generous for a hotel suite, the room has enough space for a queen bed and you can see a generous-sized window as you walk in. Universal design was also implemented into the space.


3D rendered closeup of chairs at a kitchen counter

Vanessa Stock

Kitchen & Bath

3D rendered family room with high ceilings and wooden accents

Michele Dillon

Kitchen & Bath, Unique Spaces, Living Spaces, Details

Jayda Schober-Bustillo

Jayda Schober-Bustillo

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3D rendered living area with blue walls

Mandy MacIsaac

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3D rendered art studio with large plants

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3D rendered kitchen and dining layout with arched doorways

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3D rendered spacious kitchen with green cabinets

Yuna Kim

Kitchen & Bath

3D rendered sitting room with minimal furniture and green accent wall

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3D rendered loft interior with a floating staircase

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3D rendered floor plan of a living space showing furniture and details

Parita Champaneri


3D rendered sunny sitting area with curved orange couch

Kathleen Neal Rumney

Kitchen & Bath, Unique Spaces, Living Spaces, Details

3D render of a small living room with a green couch

Sofia Ribeiro Malgueiro

Living Spaces

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