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Rabiah Khandwala

Rabiah is an interior decorating student at Humber College, passionate about design, colours and everything in between! She is always inspired by natural and bold materials that help create a unique story. Interior Decor has always been an area where Rabiah can explore and express emotions. Her approach to design has always been bold but natural, always having a organic feel to her designs. She believes in creating spaces that represent ones personal objectives with keeping in mind the current trends and waves of design.

Scandinavian Secret- House design

The goal was to create a space that is sophisticated and organic while keeping it comfortable and diverse for everyone. I call this home a “Scandinavian Secret” because it has the look of a modern Scandinavian home, but feels like an untold family story, that is waiting to be revealed. I have incorporated organic structures and gorgeous natural materials in each zone with a personal twist. Each room is designed in a way, unique to itself.

3D render of a bedroom with a floor to ceiling accent wall behind the bed   Click to enlarge


3D render of a living area with a window bench seat and an industrial accent light  Click to enlarge

Living Room

3D render of the main floor from a bird's eye view  Click to enlarge

Overall Floor Plan

Soothing Oasis- Builder Spacial Home

My goal as was to create a space that is sophisticated and modern as well as functional and free. The concept of a “Soothing Oasis”relates to your home being your oasis in the empty desert. An oasis is known to make you feel calm and relieved. This feeling is achieved by incorporating organic shapes and lovely natural materials in each zone with a modern twist.

Technical Drawings-House Design

Technical drawings constructed for the "Scandinavian Secret" house design. Three floors- RCP, Electrical plan, Millwork plan

2D technical diagram of interior structure of main and upper floor  Click to enlarge

Main Floor-RCP

2D technical diagram of electrical assets of main and upper floor  Click to enlarge

Main Floor-Electrical

2D diagram of proposed millwork for main and upper floors  Click to enlarge

Main Floor- Millwork

3D rendered interior design of the garage from a bird's eyes view  Click to enlarge

Floor Plan

3D render of the lounge seating area decorated with plants  Click to enlarge

Lounge space

Au Naturel- "FRESH" Garage makeover

The word fresh instantly makes me think "natural and open". This Au Naturel garage is a space created to help my client feel like herself, away from the worries of the world. This feeling is best expressed when you are in a relaxed and open space, so you can easily think and refresh your mind. The goal of this space is to create an earthy, relaxing lounge, where you can relax and take a break, as well as a creative, natural studio, where you can openly explore and express your thoughts. These two spaces have been designed to be minimal and neutral with necessary furniture and accessories. I have used all natural materials such as natural oak wood and lots of plants as well as lots of organic shapes and furniture to help create the feeling.


3D rendered closeup of chairs at a kitchen counter

Vanessa Stock

Kitchen & Bath

3D rendered family room with high ceilings and wooden accents

Michele Dillon

Kitchen & Bath, Unique Spaces, Living Spaces, Details

Jayda Schober-Bustillo

Jayda Schober-Bustillo

Kitchen & Bath, Unique Spaces, Details

3D rendered living area with blue walls

Mandy MacIsaac

Living Spaces

Sabrina Pascoa logo

Sabrina Pascoa

Unique Spaces, Details

3D rendered art studio with large plants

Rabiah Khandwala

Kitchen & Bath, Unique Spaces, Living Spaces

3D rendered kitchen and dining layout with arched doorways

Jessica López Orozco

Kitchen & Bath, Unique Spaces, Living Spaces

3D rendered spacious kitchen with green cabinets

Yuna Kim

Kitchen & Bath

3D rendered sitting room with minimal furniture and green accent wall

Gabrielle Daoud

Unique Spaces, Living Spaces, Details

3D rendered loft interior with a floating staircase

Maria Angelica Rivera

Living Spaces

3D rendered floor plan of a living space showing furniture and details

Parita Champaneri


3D rendered sunny sitting area with curved orange couch

Kathleen Neal Rumney

Kitchen & Bath, Unique Spaces, Living Spaces, Details

3D render of a small living room with a green couch

Sofia Ribeiro Malgueiro

Living Spaces

Hannah Tringale logo

Hannah Alia Singh

Unique Spaces, Living Spaces