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Parita Champaneri

I recently graduated from Humber College, Toronto with a degree in Interior Decorating. I love working in 2D /3D and draw from whatever interest me in that moment. I get bored easily so I keep finding ways to make work visually interesting. Proficient with all Microsoft applications (Power point, Word, Excel etc) capable with Autodesk 3D modelling software( AutoCad, Revit, etc) and renders through softwares like Enscape, Twinmotion, Lumion. Intermediate knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, highly creative with strong artistic aptitude and technical savvy. Confident and comfortable working independently and/or as a part of a team, I love to work with positive attitude, passion and patience.

Private Retreat- Side Split House Renovation

Our clients are a couple who's in their 50s. The owners wanted to start a smoothie home business and needed a space for their daughter who just came in college. The house was a split side on two levels, and everything was dated so it needed a makeover. Clients wished for hassle-free space with the subtle elegance and refreshing look. The client hired me to redesign the space that elevates their everyday rituals into something special, something that does not screams “look at me, I cost a lot” but elusive quality space that can deliver joy and beauty. The main concept is to have elegance and a welcoming house. The house should echo restful and fresh vibe. So I wanted to have a sage green palette and/or some delicate lighting.

3D render of a modern kitchen with marble counters  Click to enlarge

The kitchen had mint green cabinets and marble countertops/backsplash. The dining area was placed with a slick marble top table and dark green velvet chairs. To complete the look pendant lights were placed.

Compilation of moodboard and 3D render of bedroom design  Click to enlarge

Their daughter wanted to stay with parents until she finds her new home, so we designed a bedroom and attached bathroom for her. Her room is on the lower level of the house and has a direct exit to outside so she can have some privacy. This room was designed with whites and pale pink, peach color to give this some fresh feminine energy. The closet was custom made with curves and some golden accents on it. The room needed functional, clean, and minimalistic furniture that was cleverly used to evoke elegance.

3D render of a furnished seating area  Click to enlarge

Entering the house, on the main level, the first zone comes is a living room. I wanted to create this space as welcoming as it could be. We chose to keep the place elegant with touch of gold accents, so it feels modern and up to date. We did a feature wall with wooden trims and to stop it from overpowering the space, painted them in a white tone. I then paired it dusky gray color on rest of the walls and a TV on feature wall. Neither stark nor cluttered.

3D render of a child's room with a 'good vibes only' sign on the wall  Click to enlarge

Sophisticated Kids Room

3D render of a spacious laundry room  Click to enlarge

Minimal Laundry Room

Builder's Special

Builder's special was a very good project. The main concept was to brighten up the space. Clients also wanted to have their upcoming kid's room so I planned it by taking future concerns in mind. the floor is sophisticated and minimal. Textures and patterns played a huge role in every space.


Garagia was a very fun space to design. It was detachable garage and I had the liberty to make any changes considering the pandemic timings. I designed a hair salon where my clients can have a little business and/or personal styling studio. It is split into two zones, where the first one is cutting and its dry space. The second zone had basin chairs where you could wash or do spa hair. The tones were bright and millwork was added. It needed some specific lighting as it was not residential space.

3D render of a hotel suite with gold leaf wallpaper  Click to enlarge

The wallpaper is the focal point.

3D render of a TV and seating area in the hotel suite  Click to enlarge

Chairs and every fabric has floral patterns.

3D render of the hotel suite entranceway with a large wall mirror  Click to enlarge

Space for dressing up and bench for storage.

Hotel Suites - Nature

Hotel Suites are in Humber college and I was asked to design a suite based on nature theme. The space was public and it needed a comfy yet professional hotel room design. It also required some original artwork from local artists. I tried to incorporate nature via wooden materials on walls and furniture and floral patterns as well. I used natural fabrics and organic materials for lamps. The emphasis was also the working space within the suite.


LOFT was a quite challenging project of semester 3 as I was designing whole house for the first time. It had 4-5 zones and everything was designed according to each member's preference. I also got to make the physical model of it.

3D render of a minimal seating area  Click to enlarge

Living area.

3D physical model of the floor plan with laser cut lines showing furniture placement  Click to enlarge

Physical model.


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