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Michele Dillon

“My design philosophy starts with the core of the client and creating a vision that is true to them and their needs.” Michele’s passion flourishes from helping people turn their houses into homes, and she prides herself on her ability to cultivate relationships with others. She is unafraid of merging styles and constantly challenges herself to push her creativity further.

Cozy Cottage

A cottage nestled in a valley of the mountain in British Columbia. This design provides a comfortable and intimate ambiance with a conversational feel to the space.

3D render of the exterior of a small cottage at sunset  Click to enlarge

Exterior View

3D render of a living space with two chairs and a couch next to a fireplace  Click to enlarge

Open Concept Living Room

3D render of a bedroom with a plant in the corner  Click to enlarge

Primary Bedroom

compilation of design sketches, before photos, and 3D renders of the proposed powder room design  Click to enlarge

Powder Room

compilation of design sketches, before photos, and 3D renders of the proposed family room design  Click to enlarge

Family Room

Retreat in the City

The origin of the design comes from the concept of Wabi-Sabi, which is defined as the art of imperfect beauty. This design utilizes neutrality of color to draw attention to rough, smooth, and mid-grained textures used throughout the space. The transformed space provides a calming ambiance that evokes feelings of zen and relaxation. The simplistic and earthy aesthetic provides an overall sense of tranquility to this design.

Hypnotic Lounge

Nightlight in the city was something my clients felt they were missing during the pandemic, so we decided to bring the party to them. The design concept is based on the dark side of hypnotism, utilizing pattern and repetition to create a mesmerizing space. This entrancing room welcomes you to the dark side with a drink in hand and encourages you to stay awhile.

poster showing the final 3D rendered design and development process of the bar  Click to enlarge

Garagia Final Poster

Poster with 2D technical diagrams and specifications of the bar  Click to enlarge

Technical Drawings

poster with 3D renders of the residence living room, kitchen, and art studio, and the floor plans  Click to enlarge

House Poster Summary

3D render of a dining room with a wooden pattern floor and an accent wall behind a table and couch seat  Click to enlarge

Dining Zone

3D render of a spacious curved bathroom with a glass walled shower  Click to enlarge

Primary Ensuite

The O'Connor Residence

Inspired by the terrain in PEI, this concept aims to embrace natural shapes and forms "of the Earth." With curvilinear lines and materiality that reflect movement, the organic and earthy essence is exemplified. Rich jewel tones are carried throughout to achieve a moody aesthetic, while repetition of materiality mimics the harmonious qualities of nature. Through the established elements and principles of design, the chosen selections create a feeling of energy, flow, and movement. The style of the home visually energizes the occupant and simultaneously invites them to explore a range of sensations.

Luxury Walk-In Closet

This walk-in closet design provides a lavish feel by using luxe materiality, light colours, and innovative lighting solutions. The design focuses on integrating a variety of functional storage options while remaining chic and high-end.

3D render of a spacious walk in closet with an island and pot lights  Click to enlarge

2 Point View

3D render of the closet displaying floor to ceiling cupboards on one side and shelves and drawers on the other side  Click to enlarge

1 Point View

Poster showing 3D renders of the final design, interior specifications and a mood board  Click to enlarge

Closet Design Summary


3D rendered closeup of chairs at a kitchen counter

Vanessa Stock

Kitchen & Bath

3D rendered family room with high ceilings and wooden accents

Michele Dillon

Kitchen & Bath, Unique Spaces, Living Spaces, Details

Jayda Schober-Bustillo

Jayda Schober-Bustillo

Kitchen & Bath, Unique Spaces, Details

3D rendered living area with blue walls

Mandy MacIsaac

Living Spaces

Sabrina Pascoa logo

Sabrina Pascoa

Unique Spaces, Details

3D rendered art studio with large plants

Rabiah Khandwala

Kitchen & Bath, Unique Spaces, Living Spaces

3D rendered kitchen and dining layout with arched doorways

Jessica López Orozco

Kitchen & Bath, Unique Spaces, Living Spaces

3D rendered spacious kitchen with green cabinets

Yuna Kim

Kitchen & Bath

3D rendered sitting room with minimal furniture and green accent wall

Gabrielle Daoud

Unique Spaces, Living Spaces, Details

3D rendered loft interior with a floating staircase

Maria Angelica Rivera

Living Spaces

3D rendered floor plan of a living space showing furniture and details

Parita Champaneri


3D rendered sunny sitting area with curved orange couch

Kathleen Neal Rumney

Kitchen & Bath, Unique Spaces, Living Spaces, Details

3D render of a small living room with a green couch

Sofia Ribeiro Malgueiro

Living Spaces

Hannah Tringale logo

Hannah Alia Singh

Unique Spaces, Living Spaces