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Maria Angelica Rivera

Hello, my name is Maria Angelica Rivera and I am a recent graduate of the Humber College Interior Decorating program as well as having a degree in architecture from Ecuador. I am confident that the knowledge I have gained through both programs has increased my creativity and furthers my skillset. I am a woman of action and as a designer, it is very important for me to have a proper approach to my possible clients. I think the key to good design lies in understanding the client, their tastes, and needs. Also, in the proper communication to translate their ideas into the space. For me, every project is different and unique. And It has its own story to tell.

Mediterranean Experience

With inspiration research taken from different beautiful Moroccan interiors, the concept was modern and elegant. The goal was to provide a calming home with a pop of personality by bringing all the modern traits desired by the client. The bathroom is a personal and intimate space. It sought to evoke a Middle Eastern vibe and created focal points through a dynamic design that is pleasing to the eye. The vibrant turquoise colour of the ceramic tile seeks to harmonize the space. As a second focal point within the bathroom is the vanity. The wall is accentuated with Moroccan-style ceramics. The use of vertical and horizontal lines allows us to play with different designs with the finishes.

3D render of a large tub with a mountain view window  Click to enlarge

Bathtub Area

3D render of the bathroom vanity  Click to enlarge

Vanity Area

A compilation of inspiration images and words: eclectic, ethnicity, lively, bespoke, harmonious   Click to enlarge

Mood Board

3D render of the loft showing the staircase and artwork  Click to enlarge

Overall View

3D render of a loft design with linear and wooden elements  Click to enlarge

Living Room + Kitchen

Bird's Eye View

The language of our design direction is harmony in the lines through the transition. The design concept focuses on a bird's eye view of the Toronto Harbourfront, a national tourist destination. Culture, architecture, and urban patterns all form a symbiotic language. It is that language that drew the client to this neighborhood. The design direction will focus on the area's natural elements through contemporary materials and dynamic layers while keeping it authentically sustainable.

Art Is Everywhere

Inspired by the client’s love for the arts and their hometown of Ottawa, Art is Everywhere in this split-level home remodel. I will use dynamic lines to stimulate the eye and capture the attention of our clients. Art pieces of similar shape and form used throughout the design will create cohesion, harmony, and balance within the space. Natural and simulated sunlight will play a vital role in the design. Texture will come in visual texture and tangible, both in the materials and finishes.

3D render of a modern living room and kitchen space  Click to enlarge

Main Kitchen

3D render of dining area with a curved bench seat  Click to enlarge

Dining Room Area

3D render of a bedroom with natural design elements  Click to enlarge

Main Bedroom

Yann Tiersen's Condo

Yann Tiersen is a French composer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist artist who excels at melancholic, thought-provoking music. His music combines a variety of classical and modern instruments. uncomplicated, simple, and somber. ENIGMATIC - INNOVATIVE - METICULOUS is the inspiration that would take place in this project. Textures, colours, fabrics, and lighting are some of the elements that were used here to make this project unique.


3D rendered closeup of chairs at a kitchen counter

Vanessa Stock

Kitchen & Bath

3D rendered family room with high ceilings and wooden accents

Michele Dillon

Kitchen & Bath, Unique Spaces, Living Spaces, Details

Jayda Schober-Bustillo

Jayda Schober-Bustillo

Kitchen & Bath, Unique Spaces, Details

3D rendered living area with blue walls

Mandy MacIsaac

Living Spaces

Sabrina Pascoa logo

Sabrina Pascoa

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3D rendered art studio with large plants

Rabiah Khandwala

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3D rendered kitchen and dining layout with arched doorways

Jessica López Orozco

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3D rendered spacious kitchen with green cabinets

Yuna Kim

Kitchen & Bath

3D rendered sitting room with minimal furniture and green accent wall

Gabrielle Daoud

Unique Spaces, Living Spaces, Details

3D rendered loft interior with a floating staircase

Maria Angelica Rivera

Living Spaces

3D rendered floor plan of a living space showing furniture and details

Parita Champaneri


3D rendered sunny sitting area with curved orange couch

Kathleen Neal Rumney

Kitchen & Bath, Unique Spaces, Living Spaces, Details

3D render of a small living room with a green couch

Sofia Ribeiro Malgueiro

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Hannah Alia Singh

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