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Kathleen Neal Rumney

Kathleen Rumney is a Toronto based Interior Decorator and a Mixed Media Artist whose practice focuses on art and sustainability throughout our everyday lives. Kathleen has just completed her Interior Decorating Diploma at Humber College and has a BFA from OCAD University, majoring in painting and drawing. Combining fine art with interior decorating is her goal in the working world.

Inclusive Kitchen

The Design for the inclusive kitchen was made for a couple in their mid 60s who are beginning to experience health issues. The issue in particular is macular degeneration. It causes blurred or reduced central vision, due to thinning of the macula. It is important that their kitchen is spacious and simplified to aid in their reduced vision. However, they love to cook; especially experimental foods from around the world! Their passion for cooking and being within the heart of the home should not be limited due to the disability. Clients rent a room to a college student who is going to University for Plant Biology. The kitchen should be one in which a student can easily access and use as well. Some challenges that the couple would like to be considered: - she has difficulties with orientation - poor depth perception - issues with locating items within a room - she also has a lack of general confidence due to fear when engaging independently in her current kitchen.

3D render of a spacious decorated kitchen  Click to enlarge

Inclusive Kitchen Design

2D diagram of the kitchen floor plan  Click to enlarge

Kitchen Plan

3D render close view of the moveable kitchen island  Click to enlarge

Adjustable moving island

3D render of a living room with curved and vintage elements  Click to enlarge

Split House Living Area

2D diagram of the house levels from the front view  Click to enlarge

Split House Front Autocad Plan

3D render of a modern black and gold kitchen  Click to enlarge

Split House Kitchen

Side Split House Renovation

Rebecca is a 45 year old single parent with two daughters, Sienna 17, and Fiona 21. Her long time partner, Beatrice, 41, is planning on moving in with them. They need enough space and storage for all 4 family members to coexist under the same roof. Rebecca is an art dealer and Beatrice is an avid art collector, this is what brought them together and they would like impressionist art to be prominent throughout their home. Rebecca likes a vintage flair while Beatrice prefers a more modern feel in their home. They would like to balance this contrast and include a moody colour palette with the use of natural materials. They would both like to have more personality in the bedrooms and a studio space in the house dedicated to creative freedom and expression. Sienna loves the theatre and is planning to go to school for acting. she would like her personal space to be vibrant and over the top. While Fiona is looking for a calmer environment to visit when she comes home from college.

Builder Special Renovation

Water is a symbol of purity and rebirth, but it can change in an instance. Water can be forceful, aggressive and powerful. Water is dynamic not only with it's force, but with it's form. This house is designed to explore the dark side of water using scale and proportion, organic form and natural weathered materials.

3D render of a modern style guest bedroom  Click to enlarge

Guest Room for the Third Floor

3D render of the floor plan and furniture   Click to enlarge

Plan View for the Third Floor

3D render of a bathroom  Click to enlarge

Moody Bathroom

3D rendered cross section of a modern garage office  Click to enlarge

Garage Renovation - Office

2D diagram of the office floor plan and construction details  Click to enlarge

Office Plan View

2D diagram of the floor plan and room finishes  Click to enlarge

Room Divider Information and Plan

Garage Home Office

With many more people working from home, individuals crave to have more workable and diverse spaces within their own homes. The goal was to created a workable space from a detached garage. The garage space for the client was imaged to be an office as well as a space to break away and have a calm moment. Also in the space was a moveable room divider custom made from plastic tubing. This could eventual make it back into the home if the client would like to change the space back into a garage.

Laundry Room Renovation

Client has requested a renovation for their laundry room. The clients laundry room was not finished in the original build of their home. The goal for the renovation was to be organized and versatile space for their needs. The project was a fast turn around of concept thinking within the week of seeing original space.

3D rendered cross section of a spacious laundry area  Click to enlarge

Laundry Room Renovation

2D diagram of the room finishes  Click to enlarge

Laundry Room Renovation Autocad

Materials and finishing details of the laundry room  Click to enlarge

Laundry Room Renovation Materials Board


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