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Jessica López Orozco

Jessica is a Colombian interior decorator who settled in Canada 2 years ago. Passionate about interior design, Jessica loves wabi sabi, scandinavian and minimalist design while being detail oriented. Try to create simple, functional, and inclusive, elegant and cheerful spaces, inspired by nature.


Remodeling of a bungalow for a European woman who settled in Toronto 30 years ago and made it her home. A woman in her 50s, single, painter, active, who enjoys sports and outdoor activities. Fusion between the classic and the modern, rescuing Victorian architecture but enjoying a contemporary decoration, this being the proposal for this project. Spacious, illuminated spaces with an antique design, modernized with crude colours and sober furniture. A combination of the past and present intensional way. Open concept design that flow into a beautiful , green backyard would be like having a small, cozy, personalized cottage in the city.

3D render of an open concept kitchen and dining layout  Click to enlarge

Contrast between warm and cold materials, generating elegance and sobriety to this space. A space that receives and welcomes this open concept house.

3D render of a seating area with a fireplace  Click to enlarge

A space that accentuates the open space concept, and left it flow outside while remaining cozy. Its stone wall gives character, strength and naturalness to this space.

3D render of a minimalist bedroom   Click to enlarge

Relaxed and cozy atmosphere connected to the beautiful and natural backyard, make this the ideal rest room.

3D render of the seating, kitchen, and upper landing of the loft  Click to enlarge

2 Story Space

3D render of the seating area with high windows and maple wood accents  Click to enlarge

Living Room

3D render of the upstairs bedroom of the loft  Click to enlarge

Primary Room

Condo Loft

A couple in their 30s decided to remodel their loft located on the 18th floor of a building in East Toronto, in a unique and modern place. They who are lovers of travel, festivals, food and different cultures, have developed their own valuable photographic collection that they now want to display in their home. The design developed, a loft with an industrial concept, sober but elegant, using steel and wood as key materials that inspired every detail where its main characteristic is contrast, dark and light colors, together with straight lines that curve, would envelop and enrich each remodeled area. A large wall in the 2-story space, would compile their photography passion to be admired by homeowners and their guests.

Inclusive Kitchen

A newly married couple wanted to renovate their kitchen with a cozy, modern but above all inclusive atmosphere. A kitchen where both could feel comfortable, she lost a leg in her adolescence, but that never prevented her from developing happily. Now she wants her kitchen to provide the comfort she needs to work and move from her wheelchair. A design based on Universal Design Principles was the proposal for a challenging project.

This design takes advantage of the current space, its shape, its accesses and its natural light, to achieve a kitchen with a comfortable and inclusive environment for everyone. It is considered a form of compact kitchen that provides easy reach in the development of its activities, with a clear perception of the space and without obstacles and corners in it, radiating a sense of security and comfort, in a dynamic and modern way. The colours to use would be colours that focus attention on the natural and what they convey, a perception of tranquility, prosperity and health, as well as flexibility, neutrality and relaxation. An atmosphere of calm flowing through them into outer space. A project that became a great challenge due to its zero tolerance for error, following the universal principles of design.

3D render of a kitchen with windows over the counters and ceiling potlights  Click to enlarge

Kitchen Overview

3D render of the stove, sink, and oven in the kitchen  Click to enlarge

Work and Cooking Area


3D rendered closeup of chairs at a kitchen counter

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