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Interior decorating 2-year diploma program has a focus on residential design. This year’s graduates have showcased their favorite design challenges over their 2-year career. Students have created and transformed spaces in various sectors of the residential environments specific to clients’ needs and requirements through ideation, planning, elevations, 3d drawings (completed by hand | digitally drafted | or a combination of all skill sets) along with key specifications.

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Kitchen / bath

(loft living / house renovation / builder special)

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Unique designs 

designs - garagia, outdoor living, work out spaces, carpet designs, REAL clients | ask a designer. etc 

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Living spaces

loft living / house renovation / builder special.

Students applied graphic knowledge to enhance professional presentation and have the option to complete work by hand and or digitally.

  • The Garage “garagia” project was a direct link to our pandemic – how designers transform neglected space in homes to become a new required space.
  • Kitchen and bath design focus on function and ergonomic design, with attention to creative aesthetic application of materials, and principles and elements of design.
  • Inclusive kitchen is a kitchen designed to ensure the 7 principles of universal design implemented in the final design of the project – specific to clients’ needs
  • Loft living – creating an original concept based on client and location and then implement conceptual direction into the architectural millwork details of the space.
  • Full House renovation with addition – designing and detailing the Interior of a house specific to clients’ needs and requirements.
  • Projects are incorporated to any industry competitions that are applicable.
  • By the end of the semester – they are equipped with their own social media platforms, portfolio, and knowledge READY for the industry. ENJOY!

Student Projects

3D rendered closeup of chairs at a kitchen counter

Vanessa Stock

Kitchen & Bath

3D rendered family room with high ceilings and wooden accents

Michele Dillon

Kitchen & Bath, Unique Spaces, Living Spaces, Details

Jayda Schober-Bustillo

Jayda Schober-Bustillo

Kitchen & Bath, Unique Spaces, Details

3D rendered living area with blue walls

Mandy MacIsaac

Living Spaces

Sabrina Pascoa logo

Sabrina Pascoa

Unique Spaces, Details

3D rendered art studio with large plants

Rabiah Khandwala

Kitchen & Bath, Unique Spaces, Living Spaces

3D rendered kitchen and dining layout with arched doorways

Jessica López Orozco

Kitchen & Bath, Unique Spaces, Living Spaces

3D rendered spacious kitchen with green cabinets

Yuna Kim

Kitchen & Bath

3D rendered sitting room with minimal furniture and green accent wall

Gabrielle Daoud

Unique Spaces, Living Spaces, Details

3D rendered loft interior with a floating staircase

Maria Angelica Rivera

Living Spaces

3D rendered floor plan of a living space showing furniture and details

Parita Champaneri


3D rendered sunny sitting area with curved orange couch

Kathleen Neal Rumney

Kitchen & Bath, Unique Spaces, Living Spaces, Details

3D render of a small living room with a green couch

Sofia Ribeiro Malgueiro

Living Spaces

Hannah Tringale logo

Hannah Alia Singh

Unique Spaces, Living Spaces