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Certificate of Completion | WW911

The Woodworking certificate program has been developed for you to learn woodworking/cabinetmaking skills at your own pace and with no previous experience. This program will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to operate woodworking machinery safely, construct basic furniture and small cabinets using recognized trade practices.

All classes take place in a woodworking lab under the guidance of qualified instructors currently working in the industry. Basic tool kits are supplied for student use.

Each session of this training consists of short lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on learning. The program begins with a hand-tool exercise, moves on to a small project involving portable power tools and then on to the use of stationary woodworking machines. Students will complete a series of designated projects involving various types of woodworking joints, techniques, and processes. Upon completion of this program, you will be able to produce simple shop drawings, make material calculations, machine parts, and assemble and finish a cabinet or piece of furniture. 

Additional Information

A record of all safety tests and machine demonstration attendance is kept on file using the progress chart as the requirement to meet the completion requirement of the CE certificate. 


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WOOD 100: Woodworking (Cabinetmaking)  

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