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Solid Works Designer

Certificate of Completion | 31651

The SolidWorks Designer certificate program focuses on developing the skills and knowledge required to work as a SolidWorks designer. SolidWorks is a leader in the mainstream mechanical computer-aided design (CAD) market and is used in several industries such as automotive, plastics, industrial design, machinery and product design. SolidWorks designers have the ability to create a variety of design solutions such as sheet metal parts, weldments, molds, conveyors and piping systems.

Admission Requirements

  • Knowledge of mechanical drawings is highly recommended for participants of these courses

Additional Information

Note: This certificate program will prepare students with the knowledge to write the Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA) exam. The certification exams are conducted by SolidWorks Corporation.

To receive your certificate, once you have successfully completed all the required courses in this program, contact the School of Applied Technology for your certificate. Please make sure to include your first and last name, student number, program title and current mailing address in your email.


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Compulsory Courses20192020
INDU 106: SolidWorks Introduction  
INDU 107: SolidWorks Intermediate  
INDU 108: SolidWorks Advanced  

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