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People of Carrier Drive

Eric Ilano’s Passion Transcend International Boundaries in Trades

By: Cindy Giang

Cindy is a student in the Bachelor of Public Relations program and is currently a Work Study student at the Centre for Skilled Trades & Technology, Carrier Drive

Trade is an expansive and ever-evolving industry that is important and necessary to the daily lives of all citizens. Eric Ilano (the lead technologist at the Humber Centre for Skilled Trades) says for tradespeople, the industry is tough. He advises potential tradespeople “to put your heart into it but once you get into it, make sure you stay safe while working.” This advice is demonstrated throughout Eric’s dynamic life experiences. His experiences show his willingness to learn and his drive to expand himself within the industry.

Eric’s trade journey started in Cavite, Philippines. “I have been taught by my grandfather how to be successful, especially in the trades,” and these make up the most memorable moments for him. He explained that trades “are part of me because where I came from, that is the only thing we do.” His family would plant rice during the rainy season and converted jeeps, left behind by the American soldiers during World War II, into transportation for the locals. Eric expanded his knowledge for trades by majoring in computer technology at the Philippine Women’s University.

After graduating from the university, he received an offer to be an electrician in Japan. He says, “It was my dream to find an opportunity to work abroad.” He took the offer and left to continue his passion. When Eric arrived in Japan, he was sent to learn Japanese before completing his electrician certification process. He mainly worked on electrical wiring for high-rise buildings. He also worked at his boss’s sashimi restaurant during his off time, which led to operating his own Filipino restaurant later.

Eric’s passion for trades continues to blossom even in his current role at Humber. In addition to supporting the operations at Carrier by managing the equipment and material orders, the opportunities are never-ending especially in the education space and that is what excites Eric as an employee at Humber. He says, “You are constantly learning and growing at Humber College. There is always someone coming in to show us new technology for us to learn from”.

A skilled trades faculty member is smiling at the camera while working with electrical equipment