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March is National Engineering Month

Tues, Feb 1, 2022

Humber FAST is a proud partner of National Engineering Month – Canada’s engineering event of the year!

NEM 2022 will continue to focus on lifelong learning for post-secondary students & interdisciplinary professionals as well as equity, diversity & inclusion.

We will be hosting two events in March with bold topics, industry expertise and diverse perspectives to spark discussion.

Tuesday, March 8 at 6:00 PM
International Women’s Day
Theme Week: Lifelong Learning

Title: Humber College Champions Women in STEM

Description: A panel of fearless women and supportive men will share their authentic stories and how there is strength in our differences to bring innovation, productivity, and pride to a more elastic workforce. Join us as we inspire, connect and empower participants to recognize and celebrate International Women’s Day.

Friday, March 25 at 6:00 PM
Theme Week: Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Title: Humber College Drives Inclusive & Continuous Professional Learning

Description: Leaders from academia and industry will share the importance of leveraging our diversity and providing all Canadians with the opportunity to gain current, industry relevant skills. Join us as we discuss the importance of personal and professional growth needed for a world of constant change.

Visit the NEM website to register and for a full listing of events.

National Engineering Month - March