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Bachelor of Interior Design Students Gain Inspiration From Idea Exchange at Designto

Our 4th year Bachelor of Interior Design students attended Mason Studio for an Idea Exchange as part of DesignTO, a festival that brings people together to design a better future and one that is more sustainable.

Hosted by Mason Studio co-founder, Stanley Sun, students experienced the “2033: An Optimistic Future” exhibit that showcased everyday life in an optimistic future.

Set in the year 2033, Mason Studio, Goodee, along with various collaborators, co-created a place where the care for people and our planet comes before all else. The site-specific installation was a Market Gallery featuring products promoting people, an indoor garden to rejuvenate the mind and body, a café playhouse for kids and adults, a hands-on workshop, a book exchange library, and a workspace for post-secondary students.

Stanley shared how his design vision is informed by a unique blend of formal studies in human sciences, fine arts and interior design.