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Information and Communication Technology Capstone Project Expo

On April 18, students, faculty, industry and community partners came together at the Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation (BCTI) to celebrate the success of the students.

Through the capstone projects, students exhibit the skills and knowledge they have learned throughout their programs. Each project provides students with a work integrated learning experience in real-world projects.

With capstone project opportunity, students are able to develop and manage a project from inception to completion; demonstrate the ability to work in a team environment; document and present a report outlining the project development process; and organize project deliverables, activities, milestones, and timelines.

Below is a list of programs participated in the Capstone Project Expo with the best project award in each program:

BCTI Main Entrance full of people

Computer Engineering Technology

For their capstone project the students designed a product and solved an open-ended problem. This allowed students to use and develop skills in both software and hardware, embedded system design, IoT (Internet of Things), programming skills, database management, network programming, and troubleshooting skills, etc. Students worked in small teams to solve a real industry problem based on the hardware they built in the preceding semester, while learning system design, project management, and teamwork skills.

Drone DOF, was a great example of one of these projects. The drone is an attachment unit comprising of various sensors that allows users to know their precise location as well as the change in the pressure which it faces with changes in altitude.

Roomie, on the other hand, gives users a modern approach to security systems for residential and commercial dwellings by encompassing a door latching mechanism with NFC/RFID reader, graphical display, cloud storage database, and an accompanying Android application. Finally, the Motus Security System(MSS) is a portable security system that detects motion in front of the device or movement of the device, and after detecting said motion it captures an image using the Raspberry Pi Camera apparatus attached directly on the device. Motus Security System was awarded with the best project in Computer Engineering Technology program. The project members are Dariusz Kulpinski, Anthony Pacitto, and Winson Vuong.

Computer and Network Support

Computer and Network Support students presented hands-on experience projects that showed what they learned in hardware platforms, protocols and services, network and data systems security, virtualization and cloud computing.

Some sample projects exhibited in the Capstone Project Expo include, Web Application Based Appointment Management System that provides a secure, convenient and easy way to book appointments with doctors; WordPress, an application on Apache Web Server that provides e-commerce solutions for businesses, small or large, to scale and grow along with; Superbuy, a project that outlines the steps taken in the creation of the website of to allow customers creating accounts and buy the items on the website.

The best project in this program was awarded to SuperBuy and its project members are Daniel Araya, Fulei Jin, and Philip Afrifa.

Students standing in front on Capstone Project display

Students standing in front on Capstone Project display

Students standing in front on Capstone Project display

Students standing in front on Capstone Project display

Wireless Telecommunications

Students from this graduate certificate program demonstrated their skills and knowledge in mobile technology, wireless data networks, telecommunications, broadband communications and security, etc.

Some of the projects exhibited by the students include, Wireless Patient Monitoring System that allows managing patients in remote areas, monitoring (elderly) patients in their own homes and saving hospital bills; WiFi Analysis using Ekahau Tool for effective network planning and quality signal coverage; Security System using Wireless Mesh Networks that can be placed on several floors of residential buildings stairwell to sense people (person) standing around in the stairwells, sound an alarm and take either a picture or a short video; Network Automation using Python that reduces time for equipment configuration, requires easier maintenance, improves network security by recognizing and fixing security vulnerabilities and increases the network stability.

Wireless Patient Monitoring System was awarded with the best project and its project members are Kushal Patel, Himani, Gurinder Kaur, and Pavneet Singh.

Computer Programmer, IT Solutions and Enterprise Software

These three programs are in the process of migrating to FAST from FMCA (Faculty of Media & Creative Arts). Seven projects from these programs participative in the FAST ICT Capstone Project Expo. These projects are Web App/React, Java/Web App, IoT, Java/Hadoop/Mean Stack, DBProject, iOS/Android App, and RESTFUL API.

With the capstone projects, the participating students demonstrated their programing skills in various programming languages, platforms, operating systems, and mobile app development.

The best project award was given to DBProject with Aditya, Kinjal, Riaz, and Lovepreet as its project members.

Project Management

Refugee settlement Audit, Rehabilitation of Humber Trunk Sewer Audit, a Robot Framing Line for Sunview Patio Doors LTD, and the implementation of the Barrett CTI Hotel are just some of the Capstone Projects PMP students exhibited this Spring.

Over the past year, PMPG has achieved major milestones by completing 16 projects, including:

  • PMPG created a structured framework, marketing and funding plans for the National Engineering Month’s (NEM) Student Challenge, which Humber won this year for the first time! The team lead also returned to volunteer for the Winter 2018 event.
  • Hotel Suites, which PMPG played an integral role in, was a major highlight at the Barrett CTI Launch. The student lead team was invited to present to the CTI Board of Directors at the end of the project and their project received the top award at ICT Project Expo, and its members are Tessa Powell, Aristede Apelo, Tiaa Lahe, Advitee Padelkar.
  • Humber was recognized for leadership in energy conservation by the Government of Canada (National Resources Canada). NX Building Multidisciplinary Project and the Barrett CTI Building were both featured on NRC Website.

Birds-eye view of Capstone Expo

Students standing in front on Capstone Project display

Students standing in front on Capstone Project display

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