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Humber College Students Won Awards for Four Projects Submissions in this Year’s Boundless: A Post-Secondary Design Challenge

Placing in three categories in this year’s BOUNDLESS: A Post-Secondary Design Challenge hosted by the Design Exchange, Nancy Phan, and Ekaterina Popova from Humber’s Design Foundation certificate program, and Sean Platek, April Seekumar and Nick Praticante from Humber’s Industrial Design program, received awards for four project submissions!

They were recognized for creative solutions in all disciplines that are accessible to diverse communities regardless of their age or ability, without adaptation. Congratulations to all of them!

This year, the competition received a record-breaking number of submissions from post-secondary schools across Ontario. The winners were selected by an expert jury featuring: Thea Kurdi of DesignABLE Environments; Michelle Parrish of Entro; Sean Schofield of VIA Rail; Tom Browne of the Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility; Darren Cooper of The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University; and Daniel Yurkewich of Minogue Medical Inc. and designer of the rock climbing prosthetic on display as part of the exhibit.

Winning entries were presented in an exhibition at Design Exchange from May 31 to July 1, 2019, on the ground floor.

The winners of the 2018-19 BOUNDLESS: A Post-Secondary Design Challenge showcased innovation in accessible and universal design, and represent a bright design future for Ontario.

The Design Exchange Boundless project was adapted as part of our 3rd year Industrial Design Studio class during winter semester, as a design platform.

The Humber College winning students are as follows:

1st Place

Anushka Jadwani

Nancy Phan (Humber’s Design Foundation certificate program)

"Having the opportunity to partake in Boundless the Design Challenge by designing a meaningful solution that is both inclusive and accessible allowed me to utilize the skills that I've obtained throughout the years being at Humber College. The competition pushed me to think outside the box and really focus on how I can tackle present problems with innovative and futuristic solutions", Nancy says.

2nd Place

Cassandra Christman, Di En Kim, Michelle Zhou, Ekaterina Popova (Humber’s Design Foundation certificate program), and Alyssa Buada

Inspired by the Paralympic games, Play 4 ALL is a modular sports structure targeted towards all individuals. The structure transforms crowded city spaces into universal sport facilities, hosting games such as basketball, goal-ball and squash. The vision of this facility is to allow every individual to participate in a variety of athletic sports.

“This design challenge was a great experience, and opened our team’s eyes to just how exclusive public environments can be to those with a disability. It was an honor to work on this project and our team will take everything we have learned within this experience and apply this to future designs to provide the most inclusive design solutions”, says Cassandra Christman.

3rd Place

Sean Platek, April Seekumar, and Nick Praticante (Humber’s Bachelor of Industrial Design program)

Manta is a first response drone designed for urban scenarios. It is designed to reach areas where serious accidents have occurred to deliver medical supplies to avoid further damage to the victim. Manta is deployed from dispatch centers after 911 calls are made involving the incident.

Students displaying their Boundless Award

Students displaying their Boundless Award

Students displaying their Boundless Award

play4all project

play4all project

Manta drone mockup