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Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology Spring 2019 Open House

One of the great things about our college’s Spring 2019 Open House is that it gives our prospective students and their parents a chance to interact with some of the faculty in advance and also get a sense of what Humber College is really like. Because our students (both current and new) spend a lot of time on campus in experiential learning, it’s great for prospective students to get a sense of what campus life is like both in terms of studying and campus community.

And that is the experience which a lot of our guests took away with at this year’s Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology Spring 2019 Open House.

Highlights from the event included the newly opened Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation. A constant stream of guests were escorted to the Barrett CTI during the Open House event and all floors were teaming with Humber’s various schools’ capstone and industry-ready projects.

With respect to our faculty and its projects, the Mechatronics Skills Training room was filled with eager guests gathered around the international world skills’ ‘cell for packaging’ area. Program student brand ambassadors were present to give in-depth and professional explanations on how the machinery was built and its benefits to the industry. Guests were informed that ‘World Skills Packaging’ defines the Advanced Manufacturing cluster which includes Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Electromechanical Engineering Technology programs and HRAC. Upon hearing this, most prospective students were convinced about making the Faculty of Applied Sciences & Technology their choice for post-secondary education.

The Design cluster showcased some of their Capstone projects at the Barrett CTI. Stephen Bykowsky, Megan Cheung, Incia Khalid, and Robbin Song, which made its original debut at the 19th Industrial Design Chair show last month, was beautifully displayed at the Barrett CTI.

Over at the Design cluster, an enthusiastic group of program student brand ambassadors helped guests by answering questions about the program, shared from their experiences as students and helped guests navigate the college hallways.

The Centre for Skilled Trades and Technology at Carrier Drive focused its activities on educating guests on their programs’ distinct ability to offer competitive trades education in areas such as Electrical, Plumbing, the Millwright trades and Cabinet Making. Special emphasis was placed on the new Construction “Stackable” programs: Carpentry and Renovation Techniques, Building Construction Technician (Optional Co-op), and Construction Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op) programs.

With an array of award-winning student projects on display in our cluster areas and at the Barrett CTI, knowledgeable faculty and guest-centered student brand ambassadors, the Faculty of Applied Sciences & Technology Spring 2019 Open House was more than a success as it showed prospective students the excellent caliber of education they can expect from Humber should they make it their school of choice.

Please click here to enjoy some pictures from the day.

Student holding up sign