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Course Name Course Code
Accident Theory OHSC 104
Accounting Basics TECH 168
Advanced CAD for Architecture ARC 321
Advanced Decorating DECO 112
AutoCAD Electrical TECH 155
Basic Concepts of Reliability QENG 158
Blueprint Reading: Freehand Sketching MECH 120
Business Report Writing TECH 193
Canadian Electrical Code TECH 120
Career Planning 1 ITE 107
CCNA-I (Routing and Switching) MSI 104
Commercial Construction Principles CNST 171
Communication Techniques for Quality Assurance QENG 103
Computer Applications in Quality Assurance QENG 157
Construction Contract Bid Management CNST 175
Construction Contracts and Documents CNST 173
Construction Cost Value Management CNST 312
Construction Estimating ITE 113
Construction Project Planning CNST 311
Construction Project Procurement Management CNST 313
Construction Risk Project Management CNST 301
Designing, Implementing, Managing a GIS GIS 301
Development Economics for Construction Projects CNST 314
Drawing and Rendering Vehicles INDU 9002
Effective Team Leadership TECH 515
Electrical Construction Estimating 1 TECH 121
Electrical Construction Estimating 2 TECH 122
Electrical for Home Inspection HMIN 111
Electromechanical Circuits ATMN 161
Emergency Management OHSC 109
Energy Resources (Alternative Energy) SNRG 118
Environment Management, An Introduction OHSC 108
Environmental Geology SNRG 119
Environmental Laws and Regulations SNRG 120
Ergonomics OHSC 103
Financial Systems for Operations Management TECH 520
Fire Prevention and Protection and Safety Techniques and Technology OHSC 105
Fundamentals of AutoCAD X ARC 114
Fundamentals of Construction Project Management CNST 300
G2 Advanced Piping/Tubing Systems, Meters and Regulators HRAC 210
G2 Air Handling Equipment, Domestic and Decorative Appliances HRAC 312
G2 Electricity and Controls for Gas Technicians HRAC 211
G2 Electricity and Controls Practical Component HRAC 212
G2 Forced Warm Air Heating Systems HRAC 310
G2 Gas-Fired Appliances Practical HRAC 313
G3 Codes of Practice HRAC 110
G3 Electricity and Fuel Gas Piping Systems for Gas Technicians HRAC 111
G3 Practical Component HRAC 112
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing QENG 160
GIS Software: Arcview GIS 102
Global Positioning System: GPS GIS 104
Global Warming Concepts SNRG 117
Health Promotion and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board OHSC 106
HMI Programming ATMN 364
Horticultural Plant Identification and Turf Management HORT 106
Human Resources Management TECH 195
HVAC for Home Inspection 1 HMIN 113
HVAC for Home Inspection 2 HMIN 114
Industrial Relations TECH 518
Interior Space Planning and Presentation DECO 111
Intermediate Operations of AutoCAD ARC 214
Internet Mapping GIS 105
Introduction to Botany and Soil in Horticulture HORT 105
Introduction to Cost Estimating CNST 170
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems GIS 101
Introduction to Home Inspection HMIN 100
Introduction to Robotics ATMN 162
Introduction to Sustainable Development SNRG 115
IT Service Management MSI 200
LEED Green Building Strategies and Green Associate Exam Preparation LNC 101
Management and Leadership for Quality Assurance QENG 102
Management Labour Concerns in Occupational Health and Safety OHSC 107
Management Principles TECH 517
Material Estimating and Methods CNST 172
Materials and Operations Management TECH 521
Microsoft Exchange Server MSI 101
MS Access: Core GIS 107
MS Access: Expert GIS 207
Network+ ITCE 111
OBC Legal HMIN 205
OBC Part 9 - Building Envelope HMIN 109
OBC Part 9 - Health and Safety HMIN 200
OBC Part 9 - Structure HMIN 206
Occupational Health, Safety and Enviroment Law and Ethics OHSC 100
Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Systems and Auditing OHSC 101
Occupational Hygiene OHSC 102
On-Site Inspections and Mentoring HMIN 505
Pests, Disease and Ornamental Plants HORT 107
Plant Materials and Greenhouse Operations HORT 104
PLC Programming 1 ATMN 263
PLC Programming 2 ATMN 363
Plumbing for Home Inspection HMIN 110
Pneumatics ATMN 261
Power Systems ELEC 405
Power Systems 1 ELEC 211
Product Development, Prototyping and Entrepreneurship INDU 007
Project Cost Management PMPG 303
Project Management Principles CNST 250
Project Management Skills Development CNST 133
Project Resources: Planning and Scheduling PMPG 302
QMS Process Auditing QENG 156
Quality Concepts QENG 100
Reading Architectural Drawings (Blueprint Reading) ARC 721
Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) MSI 103
Remote Sensing GIS 103
Revit MEP REVT 025
REVIT: Advanced ARC 113
REVIT: Intermediate ARC 112
REVIT: Introduction ARC 111
Robotics Programming ATMN 262
Security+ Certification ITCE 112
Server Operating System MSI 102
SolidWorks Advanced INDU 108
SolidWorks Intermediate INDU 107
SolidWorks Introduction INDU 106
Statistical Techniques for Quality Assurance QENG 101
Sustainability SNRG 116
The Construction Industry CNST 174
Total Quality Management QENG 159
VMware Certified Professional MSI 201
Woodworking (Cabinetmaking) WOOD 100
Workplace Health and Safety ITE 110