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Basic Concepts of ReliabilityQENG 158
Designing, Managing and Implementing a GIS GIS 301
Emergency ManagementOHSC 109
Energy ResourcesSNRG 118
Environmental Management IntroductionOHSC 108
Environmental Geology SNRG 119
Environmental Laws and RegulationsSNRG 120
ErgonomicsOHSC 103
Fire Prevention and Protection and Safety Techniques and Technology OHSC 105
GIS Software: Arcview GIS 102
Global Positioning System: GPSGIS 104
Global Warming ConceptsSNRG 117
Internet MappingGIS 105
Introduction to Geographic Information SystemsGIS 101
Introduction to Sustainable Development SNRG 115
Leadership and Effective Communication in Industrial DistributionIDL 104
Management Labour Concerns in Occupational Health and SafetyOHSC 107
MS Access: Expert GIS 207
Occupational Hygiene OHSC 102
Remote SensingGIS 103
Sustainability SNRG 116
Total Quality ManagementQENG 159
Accident TheoryOHSC 104
Advanced CAD for ArchitectureARC 321
Advanced DecoratingDECO 112
Blueprint Reading: Freehand SketchingMECH 120
Business Fundamentals in Industrial DistributionIDL 101
Business Practice for GIS ProfessionalsGIS 209
Business Practice for Interior DecoratorsDECO 109
Canadian Electrical CodeTECH 120
Colour Theory and DesignDECO 110
Communication Techniques for Quality AssuranceQENG 103
Computer Applications in Quality AssuranceQENG 157
Construction Cost Value ManagementCNST 312
Construction Project PlanningCNST 311
Construction Project Procurement ManagementCNST 313
Construction Risk Project ManagementCNST 301
Creative Intermediate Floral DesignFLRS 112
Customer Service and Sales in Industrial DistributionIDL 105
Development Economics for Construction ProjectsCNST 314
DraftingDECO 101
REVIT: IntroductionARC 111
Robotics ProgrammingATMN 262
Electrical Construction Estimating 2TECH 122
Electrical for Home InspectionHMIN 111
Electrohydraulic Controls for Industrial Automation and RoboticsATMN 368
Electromechanical CircuitsATMN 161
Essential Elements of Floral DesignFLRS 120
Ethics for Home InspectionHMIN 201
Fundamentals of AutoCAD XARC 114
Fundamentals of Construction Project Management CNST 300
G2 Advanced Piping/Tubing Systems, Meters and RegulatorsHRAC 210
G2 Air Handling Equipment, Domestic and Decorative AppliancesHRAC 312
G2 Electricity and Controls for Gas TechniciansHRAC 211
G2 Electricity and Controls Practical ComponentHRAC 212
G2 Forced Warm Air Heating SystemsHRAC 310
G2 Gas-Fired Appliances PracticalHRAC 313
G2 Venting PracticesHRAC 213
G3 Practical ComponentHRAC 112
G3 Codes of PracticeHRAC 110
G3 Electricity and Fuel Gas Piping Systems for Gas TechniciansHRAC 111
Geometric Dimensioning and TolerancingQENG 160
Health Promotion and the Workplace Safety and Insurance BoardOHSC 106
History of Furniture and StyleDECO 103
Horticulture Plant Identification and Turf Management HORT 106
HVAC for Home Inspection 1HMIN 113
HVAC for Home Inspection 2HMIN 114
Hydronic Heating SystemsHRAC 311
Industrial Distribution Integrated Case StudyIDL 200
Interior Space Planning and PresentationDECO 111
Intermediate Operations of AutoCADARC 214
Intro to Home InspectionHMIN 100
Introduction to Botany and Soil in HorticultureHORT 105
Introduction to RoboticsATMN 162
Management and Leadership for Quality AssuranceQENG 102
Modern Styles and Trends of Advanced Floral DesignFLRS 113
MS Access: CoreGIS 107
Negotiations in Industrial DistributionIDL 102
OBC Part 9 - Building EnvelopeHMIN 109
OBC Part 9 - Health and SafetyHMIN 200
Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Law and EthicsOHSC 100
Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Systems and AuditingOHSC 101
Operational Fundamentals of Industrial Distribution IDL 103
Pests, Disease Ornamental PlantsHORT 107
Plant Materials and Greenhouse OperationsHORT 104
PLC Programming 1ATMN 263
PLC Programming 2ATMN 363
Plumbing for Home InspectionHMIN 110
PneumaticsATMN 261
Project Cost Management PMPG 303
Project Management PrinciplesCNST 250
Project Management Skills Development CNST 133
Project Resources: Planning and Scheduling PMPG 302
QMS Process AuditingQENG 156
Quality ConceptsQENG 100
Residential MaterialsDECO 104
REVIT: AdvancedARC 113
REVIT: IntermediateARC 112
SolidWorks IntermediateINDU 107
SolidWorks IntroductionINDU 106
Statistical Techniques for Quality AssuranceQENG 101
Structures for Home InspectionHMIN 112
Wordworking (Cabinetmaking)WOOD 100
Electrical Construction Estimating 1TECH 121
HMI ProgrammingATMN 364
HydraulicsATMN 361
Inspection and GaugingQENG 204
Materials and TestingQENG 205
Ethics for Home InspectionQENG 203
Motion Control for AutomationATMN 164
Quality Assurance Standards and ISO ImplementationQENG 210
Six-Sigma Management PrinciplesQENG 208
SolidWorks AdvancedINDU 108