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International Students

International Students - DEGREES with a Mandatory Work Placement

  1. You must be eligible to participate in the work placement as scheduled in your curriculum.
  2. Students are strongly advised to apply for their Coop Work Permit during or prior to Year 3 of their academic program. If you did not apply for your Coop Work Permit at the time of offer acceptance, please visit the Work Placement Office (NX302) by end of Semester 5 (fall term) to request a letter confirming the work placement mandatory requirement.
  3. This letter must accompany your application for the Coop Work Permit. Applications and assistance is available at Humber’s International Centre on the 2nd Floor of the LRC.
  4. To access jobs in the School of Applied Technology Student Job Portal, International students must first provide the Work Placement Office with physical proof of their application for a Canadian Coop Work Permit.
  5. While waiting for the Coop Work Permit to arrive, students should be actively networking and applying to jobs.
  6. When Your Coop Work Permit Arrives, you must submit a physical copy to the Work Placement Office. You cannot commence employment prior to receiving the Coop Work Permit and prior to notifying the Work Placement Office.

International Students - DIPLOMAS with an Optional Work Placement (WORK2LEARN)

The Optional Work Placement program is only available to Domestic students at this time. International Students have the opportunity to apply to summer jobs, including summer jobs related to their program of study, provided their Study Permit allows them to do so. Please click here for further information on studying and working in Canada. In addition, a wide range of services including resume feedback, practice interviews and access to the online job posting site (CareerConnect) are available through the Humber Academic & Career Success Centre, in the LRC or online at