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Sarina Vigliatore

I am Sarina Vigliatore a 4th-year Interior design student. Prior to Interior Design, I earned my Diploma in the Interior Decorating program at Humber College. I am very dedicated and want to succeed in a stimulating and challenging environment, building towards the success of a design firm and my own individual experiences. I want to excel in this field with hard work, perseverance, and dedication. I have always been passionate about Interior Design, I take my inspiration from the ability to impact the lives of people in a given environment leading client goals and visions and seeing these ideas turn into a creative built environment

Project Overview

The purpose of this study is to enhance a farm-to-table dining experience using Biophilic design principles and locally grown food. A new vision of a space incorporating Biophilic design in combination with onsite gardens and locally sourced products will bring innovation to the restaurant industry, supporting the local community and a diner’s experience.

Display of design inspiration, sketches, and diagrams  Click to enlarge

Preliminary sketches, parti diagrams and inspiration photos.

Process from inspiration sources to sketched concepts  Click to enlarge

Concept and the idea of how the forms came about.

3D sketches and floor plans  Click to enlarge

Preliminary 3D sketches and about the site.

Concept/Design Process

Light and shape influence the well-being of a patron. A farm-to-table concept shows the authenticity of food and products from local businesses. Using Biophilic and sustainable principles to reflect the use of locally made and grown products. Having natural patterns, shapes and forms will be shown in materials, furniture, and architectural details. Using Biophilic Design Principles: Natural Patterns, Natural Shapes & Forms, Light & Space. Farm-to-Table concept style restaurant using local businesses, Using local farmers to get most products. Planters and retail products are accessible, Design elements and local products will enhance the consumer's experience, including an open concept kitchen, Using local farmers to get most products.

Site Plan/Floor Plan(s)

This is located at 21 Ossington Avenue. All forms come from the concept of Biophilic principles of the following: Natural shapes & forms, Light & shape, and Natural Patterns

Diagram of the restaurant floor plan of the first floor  Click to enlarge

First Floor Plan

Diagram of the restaurant floor plan of the second floor  Click to enlarge

Second Floor Plan

3D render of a fine dining area  Click to enlarge

Second Floor Fine Dining Area

3D Views

These renders give you a better feel of how the spaces will feel. Using warm materials, different forms, and, lots of green plants will reflect the concept of biophilic principles.


This final poster will give you an overall idea of the concept and Final Design. This will be achieved by the concept, materiality, and renders.

Project local: a farm-to-table concept, market, and restaurant