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Rebekah Awad

Driven by my intense passion to create dream spaces for others, over the past few years I have developed an interest in designing interiors that present lively and timeless features while maintaining relevant design features to any targeted demographic that I am designing a space for. As a very dedicated and career-driven individual, I strive to achieve and perfect the importance of collaborative work, time management, individual work practices, and the various skills that I have obtained in my 4 years of interior design education. Skills that include hand sketching and rendering, drafting in autocad, 3D design in revit, twinmotion, and sketchup, and digital rendering in enscape.

Project Overview

For her thesis project, Rebekah has designed a co-living residence for able-bodied seniors to live in a like-minded community. Driven by her passion and interest in wanting to create a welcoming and safe space for seniors who want to downsize but not be placed in an institutionalized home, this inclusive design provides an environment that focuses on the overall comfort, health, and well-being of the residents through the design concept of linking and connecting their personal interests in a community-like setting.

2D and 3D hand drawn sketches describing design elements  Click to enlarge

Conceptual Approach.

Concept/Design Process

The user-centered design incorporates all elements that allow all occupants of a space to feel a sense of belonging. In this co-living residence for able-bodied seniors, the goal is to create an all-rounded design that connects all aspects of the interior to the users, the surrounding spaces within, and among the exterior community space. Linking all of these separate entities, will encourage collaboration within the community of seniors as well as occupy this space in a way that enhances the overall design, not just in the physical design, but also in the feelings evoked when entering the space.

Site Plan/Floor Plan(s)

This heritage building located at 415 Eastern Avenue, Toronto, Ontario consists of three floors of approximately 16,000 square feet across the entire interior. Situated near the core of the downtown Toronto neighborhood, this building is in the up-and-coming neighborhood of Leslieville where an increasing number of families will begin to reside and develop into this welcoming neighborhood with a similar demographic to this proposed senior co-living residence project. This building and location best suited this a new co-living space with consideration to the neighborhood itself, alongside the countless amenities and surrounding parks that will allow for the residents of this new space to explore and connect with the surrounding community.

Each new proposed floor has been designed with the intention to allow for personal and independent time but to also provide that sense of community link and connection throughout. The second floor primarily houses 9 resident suites to which is all private space, the ground floor encompasses the essence of collaboration through the main communal kitchen space, and the basement floor consists of all the open and active space for the residents to maintain that active and healthy lifestyle.

2D floor plan and 3D renders of the second floor, highlighting the details of the residence suites  Click to enlarge

Second Floor Plan

2D floor plan and 3D renders of the residence's kitchen area  Click to enlarge

Ground Floor Plan

2D floor plan and 3D renders of the basement activity areas  Click to enlarge

Basement Floor Plan

3D renders of people using the library and adjoining seating area  Click to enlarge

Entry library and lounge that encourages interactive collaboration.

3D render of people using the open concept kitchen  Click to enlarge

Ground level communal kitchen.

3D render of a person sitting on a bed in a spacious suite  Click to enlarge

Resident suite

3D Views

Each of these 3D rendered experiences demonstrates the concept of the space and the level of interaction that the users will partake in. This design aims to encourage a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle to those who are already partaking in maintaining the well-being of their everyday lives. The materials that were selected for this space were used to provide the space with a timeless feel while also incorporating traditional elements to suit the needs and comfort of the targeted demographic.


This poster provides an overview of the Revive Living project that includes a few of the main 3D experiences of the interior space as well as the material palette and the conceptual approach for the understanding of the direction of the project.

Poster detailing the development process of the residence design.