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Nina Lachin

For her thesis project, Nina has designed a new academic library facility for the Humber Lakeshore Campus. This institutional facility was designed to serve as a third space that accommodates the needs of Humber College students, faculty and nearby community members. While preserving the traditional aspects of the library, the intention of the thesis project was to incorporate both collaborative and communal spaces. Nina focused on developing a space that was user-centered, and put technology at the forefront of design. Nina's love for reading and passion for design ultimately inspired a space that would inspire and enhance the user’s academic success.

Project Overview

The proposed Academic Library Facility for the Humber Lakeshore campus encompasses 18,000 sq ft on one floor. This facility is focused on a learner-centered design that introduces collaborative spaces, while preserving the traditional sense of a library. The intent of the space is to serve as a third space that meets the needs of students and community members. The built environment and the services it provides aim to enhance their user's academic success.

A central point of connection. Harmonious transitions by blending spaces. Bridging gaps in level changes.  Click to enlarge

Conceptual approach.

3D illustration of highlighting key elements  Click to enlarge

3D View of Key Elements.

3D parti diagram  Click to enlarge

Parti Application in 3D

Concept/Design Process

The concept of connection was derived from the theme of technology. It inspired the parti, where there is a central space and a series of pathways that lead towards it. This central space acts as the in between space or transition between the communal and social spaces. The 3-D Parti application depicts how the circulation of the space will reflect into the floor plan. The 3D View of the finished plan highlights the key features - Wooden LED Ceiling Panel over the book collections and cafe area, perforated metal panel ceiling over the events and studio spaces, and finally the bleachers.

Site Plan/Floor Plan(s)

Located at 3120 Lakeshore Blvd W, the library facility encompasses 18,000 sq ft on the first storey. The floor plan is a direct reflection of the project parti, where there is a central space and a series of paths that lead towards it. The existing building structure is to remain as is, where the interior will be renovated as the design suggests. There is an existing level change in the floor that will remain and influence the character of the space. There will be a combination of communal (independent study areas) and collaborative spaces (makerspaces, studios, etc.) that will fill the space.

Illustrated diagram of the floor plan.  Click to enlarge

Main Level Floor Plan.

illustrated diagram of the site plan  Click to enlarge

Site Plan.

3D render of the exterior of the building.  Click to enlarge

Exterior Render of the Building.


The sections indicate connections within the existing building structure and different considerations taken throughout the space.

3D Views

The reception area is located at the South end of the building. To left of the reception is the check out area which features a focal wall that displays all trending books, staff favourites, etc. The reception area is followed by the book collections which can be easily navigated with the supported signage. The wooden ceiling panel is a key feature here as it guides users further into the space and gradually moves higher up until it meets the cafe area.

The Events space is a multipurpose room that is located at the North end of the building, central to the makerspaces, studio, and meeting areas. There are a lot of acoustical properties considered here, which include: the perforated ceiling panel, the acoustic wall tiles, carpeted floors.. The cafe sits in the centre in the building and is run by Humber students. It is an area that allows for both dining and socialization.

3D render of the Front Reception and Book Collections Area.  Click to enlarge

Front Reception and Book Collections Area.

3D render of the Events Space.  Click to enlarge

Events Space, central to the makerspaces.

3D render of the Library Cafe  Click to enlarge

Library Cafe.

Poster showing 3D renders, floor plans and conceptual sketches of The Humber College Lakeshore Academic Library


The poster highlights the project's key renderings, sections and provides a brief project overview.