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Natalia Kirio

I have always had a passion for interior design ever since I was younger and throughout my experience as a design student at Humber College, I have expanded my skills and knowledge that were taught to me over the years. Throughout my four years here at Humber College, I have gained an interest in hospitality and retail design. I like to explore new ideas through spatial planning and 3D exploration.

Project Overview

The Royal Tree Boutique Hotel is centered around biophilic design. My desire to create human-centered and ecological places motivated my conceptual research of this hospitality space. According to my research, business professionals lack a healthy lifestyle related to the stressors they face when travelling for business, two of which are sleep deprivation and jet lag. With the recent months and as the pandemic continues a shift in direction, I am focusing on business professionals including Torontonians who might need a place to work with all the vacant office spaces due to the pandemic. The new design of this boutique hotel at 21 Ossington Ave. in Toronto, is to improve the health, well-being, and productivity of business professionals.

3D isometric diagram highlighting travel paths on both floor levels  Click to enlarge

Isometric view highlighting the main path of travel through the space.

process sketches showing concept work.  Click to enlarge

Process Work.

hand sketches of interior design ideas.  Click to enlarge

Hand Sketches.

Concept/Design Process

The concept derives from nature and bringing elements of biophilic design into the space where the users are able to feel a sense of calmness to improve their health, well-being, and productivity. Symbolic references that persist in nature are contoured, patterned, and textured in the design of a boutique hotel using biomimicry and biophilia. The use of light transmitting through the structure is to provide a sense of calmness and relaxation, which assist a business professionals health, well-being, and productivity.

Site Plan/Floor Plan(s)

The programming of this building is laid out to allow sunlight into the main areas which are the restaurant, bar, business center, and co-working space. The hospitality venue provides a variety of biophilic experiences, beginning with the façade made up from layers of a forest and continuing into the interior areas. The hotel has two entrances: the main entrance on Rebecca Street and a second on Ossington Street, where the restaurant is located. The lobby and reception are the first point of interaction for guests, and the business center and co-working zones are conveniently located across, making them easily accessible to those who are not staying at the hotel. The bar, lounge and restaurant are the main spaces as you approach the center. On the second level, there are 10 guest suites, two of which are universally designed, as well as a fitness facility where guests may work out or take a yoga class. A mezzanine is constructed to provide height to the main level, which overlooks the bar and lounge.

2D diagram of the first level floor plan  Click to enlarge

First Level Floor Plan.

2D diagram of the second level floor plan  Click to enlarge

Second Level Floor Plan.

3D isometric diagram of both floor levels  Click to enlarge

Isometric View.

3D render of the cross section showing reception, bar and open to above   Click to enlarge

Section showcasing the reception, bar and open to above.

3D render of the cross section showing stair detail, bar and business centre  Click to enlarge

Section showcasing stair detail, bar and business centre.


East and West Sections.

3D Views

The chosen renders demonstrate the use of biophilia and light transmitting through the structure to provide a sense of calm and relaxation, which aids a business professional's health, well-being, and productivity. These views also highlight the use of sustainable materials used in the space.

3D render of the Entry and Reception Area  Click to enlarge

Entry and Reception Area.

3D render of the Hotel Guest Suite  Click to enlarge

Hotel Guest Suite.

Poster showing 3D renders, floor plans and conceptual sketches of The Royal Tree Boutique Hotel


This poster features my concept, floor plans, and 3D renders of my design and concept. Watch the video which showcases a walk through of the main areas of the Royal Tree Boutique Hotel located on 21 Ossington Ave. in Toronto.