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Mahsa Taskini

For her Thesis Project, Mahsa has designed a boutique hotel based on examining current hotel design trends, post-Covid conditions and the use of advanced technology. This project was developed through research investigation, design factors and strategies for hospitality design. She is driven by passion and her love for design and brings stories to the design in an effective way by creating a hotel that delights the senses and captures the imagination. Mahsa's interest in designing hotels has influenced her thesis project.

Project Overview

This project aims to investigate the repercussions of COVID-19 on tourism and, more specifically, the hospitality industry. The overall design is based on examining current hotel design trends, including functional lobbies and comfortable hotel rooms, and the use of advanced technology such as using artificial intelligence, infrared scanners and smart keys. The concept of Open versus Closed is inspired by the building and its contrast between Interior and Exterior. Contrast is used as a tool to emphasize a particular point of interest within a space. The contrast of light to dark (colour), big to little (scale), light to heavy (mass), and solid to void are being used throughout the design. Transparent and voids are used as a strong contrast effect in the interior of the heritage and solid building to give the building a sense of safety and being seen. These concepts lead the design in one solid direction, which showcases the new perspective in each space.

What? New boutique hotel, at 415 eastern avenue. Who? Future travellers, hotel's staff. Why? Advanced technology, new trends, post covid changes.  Click to enlarge

What - Who - Why.

inspiration sketches  Click to enlarge

The main inspiration for the concept was the building and Its historic look from the exterior and the modern interior of that which showcases the concept of open versus.

different types of materials used in project  Click to enlarge

Material Board.

Concept/Design Process

Simple linear lines were the start point of the concept, and then different shapes like rectangles, squares, and triangles took place in the process. Square and rectangle represent floor plans that show the concept of open versus closed areas. Then, with the help of points, these linear 2d forms will get the volume to create 3d shapes. Different inspirational images from all three main aspects(Open versus closed, Contrast and Transparency) are used to explore the concept better. This video is an abstract way of explaining the concept for this design.

Site Plan/Floor Plan(s)

The site for this hotel is 415 Eastern avenue. Avenue Road Showroom is a 15,000 square feet property, and it has three levels(basement, main level and second level). It is located near the intersection of Eastern Avenue and Mcgee Street, as shown in the image. Avenue Road is a vibrant, dynamic neighbourhood with many popular retail establishments. There are also numerous restaurants and pubs along Queen Street East. Due to its history and heritage designation, the Building's façade remains untouched. The basement level is divided between utility and wellness areas which have a pool and spa, changing rooms and washroom, storage and the kitchen. The main level is public areas like lobby reception, immersive experience and restaurant bar and lounge. The second level is where all the suites are located.

colour coded floor plans  Click to enlarge

Floor Plans.

3D renderings showing the immersive experience  Click to enlarge

Immersive experience.

3D renderings of the restaurant  Click to enlarge


3D rendering of the guest suite  Click to enlarge

Guest Suite.

3D Views

The concept of contrast, open versus close and transparency is obvious in the design of each area in this building. Guests will be arriving from the eastern side. They have the opportunity to walk through the immersive experience directly, or they can go left into the lobby and immediately go for their check-in. Or they can turn right into the restaurant. The rooms are fresh; they are linear they still keep with the concept of new perspective but in a much more simplified way. The suite's design intent is to provide the guest with all the circumstances for comfortable rest which has been achieved by using a calm palette and light in the hotel bedroom and by the use of technologies such as noise insulators and soundproof windows.


This video depicts the project's progress with an isometric model that offers a final walkthrough of the guest experience at the New Perspective Hotel.

3D rendering of a living space