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Isabella Coluccio

Throughout Isabella’s education in Interior Design, she has learned many skills from hand drafting to digital drafting on software such as AutoCAD and Revit. Hospitality design has always been an interest of hers and in this thesis project it allowed her to combine her creativity and passions together. For her thesis, she focuses on a boutique hotel that is a hub for businesses and allows companies to come together to network with one another. Through this boutique hotel different businesses will be able to reconnect and come together once again post pandemic.

Project Overview

Hotel Hub is a boutique hotel that was designed as a business hub post pandemic. This hotel inspires different buisnesses to come together in one place and connect with one another. Due to the pandemic, businesses and the hospitality industry have been greatly impacted. This boutique hotel offers the opportunity for individuals to reconnect and form new business relationships within this space.

illustrations of conceptual development, concept, and 3D development of the hotel hub  Click to enlarge

Conceptual Development

Concept/Design Process

A boutique hotel that is created with the purpose of being a business hub for different businesses to come together and connect. This hotel will work as a business hub to connect each business that flows through it and give them a place to exchange their skills and abilities with one another. Within this design by using thresholds like archways and rounded edges it will help to visually display the flow throughout the hotel. When adding these types of threshold forms within the design it will help to creates an impactful moments and a seamless design.

Site Plan/Floor Plan(s)

This boutique hotel was located at 415 Eastern Avenue, and in the neighbourhood of Leslieville. The location is on the east end of Toronto with different bars and restaurants only a few blocks away. The layout of the hotel was designed to help the function of the Business Hub concept. The basement level has all the business purpose areas such as the conference room and multi-use room. The ground level has the more social areas, such as the lounge area, bar, and restaurant. Finally, the second level is the hotel suites for those travelers that are coming from far away and need a place to rest.

2D diagram of the ground level floor plan  Click to enlarge

Ground Level Floor Plan

2D diagram of the basement level floor plan  Click to enlarge

Basement Level Floor Plan

2D diagram of the second level floor plan  Click to enlarge

Second Level Floor Plan

3D render of people with luggage in Hotel Hub's reception area  Click to enlarge

Reception and Lobby

3D render of people in a conference room with light wood accents  Click to enlarge

Conference Room

3D render of a hotel suite with light wood accents  Click to enlarge

Hotel Suite

3D Views

These renders of Hotel Hub have been chosen to display the key areas of the boutique hotel. With these 3D views the materials and finishes are shown within each space and display the seamless flow throughout the whole hotel. The aesthetic throughout the hotel neutral with pops of earthy tones to bring a calming and warm essence within each space. The concept is shown from the reception and lobby all the way through to the guest suites, keeping the colour palette consistent and welcoming when entering each new space.


An overview of Hotel Hub Boutique Hotel's floor plans and 3D views with key materials and finishes.

Poster showing 3D renders, floor plans and conceptual sketches of Hotel Hub