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Daorsa Kerqeli

Daorsa Kerqeli is a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Interior Design program at Humber College. Guided by interest and enthusiasm for design and human experience, Daorsa aspires to design spaces that integrate functionality, creativity, and spaces that improve user needs and well-being. Daorsa's passion for the arts had a significant impact on her thesis project.

Project Overview

The School of Art is designed as a means to improve well-being and advance art education in children. Throughout her design research, Daorsa investigated the need for arts in school and how the integration of art education will promote their creativity. Through research, it was found that with art programs being stripped out of schools, we lose the opportunity for children to be exposed to programs that may have a big impact on their future decisions, as well as the capacity to understand the significance of arts. The art school is designed to improve the students' learning through creative spaces, flexible classrooms, and collaborative workplaces with a major emphasis on children's well-being through biophilic and sustainable practices.

conceptual patterns  Click to enlarge

Conceptual Approach.

hand drawn 3D concept sketches  Click to enlarge

3D Exploration.

Concept/Design Process

The concept focuses on the connectivity within space. The concept of connectivity evolved from the notion of flows with connections to patterns and space. It emphasizes the way in which children explore the space seamlessly, where materiality and form extend. The idea first began with the thought of creating a personal experience with the envision of spaces that don't isolate kids from the world but rather immerse them in it, seamlessly. This is achieved through the atrium, glass partitions, and shared spaces that will draw the community together and extend connectivity, ensuring easy and clear orientation. Designed by following the concept of connectivity while also incorporating nature creating imagination, the art school is designed to provoke children's creativity.

Site Plan/Floor Plan(s)

The designated site is located at 415 Eastern Avenue. The School of Art consists of three floors. The basement level shares an approach that considers the overall user experience. This level sets the connection to nature and green enhancing children's sensory connection to the natural world. This is left open for school gatherings, and to promote learning outside the classroom. The ground level integrates the entrance, reception, and all the classrooms. The use of natural materials and design decisions as a continuation of the basement level is a form of opportunity for learning and well-being. The second level includes a multifunctional studio, lounge area, an art gallery, a level that considers guest experience and user experience. The second level explores some of the many ways that school design can connect children.

2D diagram of the School of Art's basement level floor plan  Click to enlarge

Basement Level Floor Plan.

2D diagram of the School of Art's ground level floor plan  Click to enlarge

Ground Level Floor Plan.

2D diagram of the School of Art's second level floor plan  Click to enlarge

Second Level Floor Plan.

3D render of students using the School of Art lounge   Click to enlarge

Basement Level/Social & Collaboration Lounge

3D render of students using the School of Art painting classroom  Click to enlarge

Ground Level/Painting Classroom

3D render of students using the School of Art second level  lounge   Click to enlarge

Second Level/Lounge Area

3D Views

The main areas chosen are the social and collaboration lounge, painting classroom, and lounge area. The social and collaboration lounge located on the basement level showcases the connection between student and staff experience. Once the users enter the space they encounter an open space with a direct connection to nature. Attributes of biophilic design are supported within the design, where the presence of nature is a transition from inside to outside. The natural light coming in from above from the atrium conjures an interesting interaction of light and shadow that keeps changing during the day. Children can feel nature in daily life and create spontaneous play and multi-directional communication through these approaches.

The painting room is located on the ground level. The classroom promotes methods of teaching through flexible learning spaces. It is creating a zone that allows freedom and flexibility to experiment with non-traditional methods of teaching and learning. The space is wrapped by glass partitions which gives children the feeling of freedom and enhances connectivity. The lounge area is a space for all children occupying the space. It was developed as a joint location for kindergarten and elementary school children. The goal was to create a space where children can engage outside the classrooms, and that can stimulate their exploration and imagination.


The poster represents the School of Art located at 415 Eastern Avenue.

poster demonstrating the development process of the School of Art interior design concept

The School of Art Poster.