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Alexa Krutzler

Driven by a passionate curiosity about the creative industry, Alexa strives to create spatial designs that are unique and creative, producing remarkable experiences that inspire individuals to wander and explore her designs. Her thesis project; District Social encompasses her passion for the creative industries through the outlets of Film, Music and Audio Entertainment. Derived from the concept of the social club, Alexa extracted key values of community, socialization and culture and designed an innovative multiuse hospitality space that encourages the creative practice and social network within the Film, Music and Audio Industries. Located at 415 Eastern Avenue within the Studio District of Toronto, District Social aims to offer an exclusive and lively hub to individuals who practice within the creative entertainment industry.

Project Overview

District Social is a members-only club that caters to the Film, Music and Audio Entertainment Industries. Hosting spaces such as; a co-working environment, restaurant/bar lounge, private cinema, music maker space, podcast studios and private rooms allow for all members to have a comfortable and accommodating experience. District Social provides an internal social network for freelancers and passionate individuals within the industry and surrounding studio district of Toronto. Fitting in seamlessly into the neighbourhood and surrounding buildings the 415 Eastern Avenue building also provides culture and a historic ambiance to the space and experience. District Social ultimately supplies members with an inclusive, industry-active and social space to connect, social network and immerse into the culture of the creative industries of Film, Music and Audio production.

2D illustrations highlighting why District Social is needed   Click to enlarge

Who, What and Why District Social is needed.

2D and 3D diagrams depicting where District Social would be located  Click to enlarge

Where District Social is located and Conceptual Framework

3D isometric diagram and 2D concept sketches  Click to enlarge

3D Conceptual Development

Concept/Design Process

The conceptual framework behind District Social is developed through acknowledging individual; self, social and place identity through principles of environmental psychology and physiological comfort while considering Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs. Applying these theories to the development of the thesis provided an understanding of the physiological and psychological needs of users in the built environment. The physiological and psychological characteristics of the theories will establish a method of approach to spatial design elements, developing socially supportive spaces that promote industry socialization, community, culture and practice. Elements and principles of design such as acoustics, safety, lighting, spatial arrangements, aesthetics, inclusive design and multisensory design will satisfy the human needs, physiological comfort and environmental psychology.

The conceptual 3D development of the thesis is derived through movement through space using form. The contrast between the three ideas; integration, repetition, and perception are multiple plays of layering within space and how it impacts user movement. Each idea is abstract and dynamic, allowing for various interpretations while maintaining the original layering concept. The layering of spaces, forms, and dynamic structures within the design will invoke the feeling of being interconnected as one and create a common relationship between each level of the building. Exploring the different types of movement each idea expresses, will provide explorations into circulation methods, spatial arrangements and various proximities. Supporting social interaction and movement between spaces will result in an interconnected community.

Site Plan/Floor Plan(s)

The spatial arrangement of District Social allowed members of the club to immerse themselves in the design and explore key experiences of the space. Each level catering to a different function allows for a diverse and flexible space while catering to the needs of each member of the club. The ground level is known as the 'Great Hall' offers spaces of a co-working environment, private rooms and a central social space. The second level is an immersive restaurant lounge bar that can host performances lounge seating and dining space. Lastly the basement level functions as an industry practice space offering spaces such as a private cinema, podcast rooms, music marker space and a private room for collaboration.

2D diagram of District Social's basement level floor plan  Click to enlarge

Basement Level

2D diagram of District Social's ground level floor plan  Click to enlarge

Ground Level

2D diagram of District Social's second level floor plan  Click to enlarge

Second Level

3D render of District Social's lounge  Click to enlarge

Main Lounge | Great Hall

3D render of District Social's workspace  Click to enlarge

Co-Working Space and Lounge

3D render of District Social's restaurant and seating area  Click to enlarge

Bar Lounge | Restaurant

3D Views

The chosen materials, details and furniture within the space caters to the key principles of functionality, comfortability and aesthetics looping back to the base theory of the design; environmental psychology, physiological comfort and human needs. The materials within the space are a variety of hard and soft surfaces to counteract acoustics with each material a contrast of each finish being a solid colour finish or a patterned finish. Solid surfaces such as marble, terrazzo, concrete, plaster and wood veneer with a contrast of softer surfaces such as various patterned carpet tiles, and acoustic wall tiles.

Patterned finishes are to connect members to the culture and lifestyle of the entertainment industry with the infamous checkered flooring and abstract patterns complimenting the furniture choice. The furniture choice caters to the human needs of comfortability, flexibility and socialization with various colour palettes of blue, white and brown leather and red suede. Various palettes of posture such as lounge chairs, sofas and bar height stools allow members to choose different niches and spaces that fit their needs.


The video walk-through of the space displays the various spaces and experiences offered by District Social. A free flex space that can cater to events, group gathers and individual experiences offer a diverse and flexible environment. Watch the video to experience District Social for yourself!

closeup of district social's bar area