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Abigail Chin

For this thesis project, Abigail was driven by the issue of food insecurity and was motivated to design a space that is not only inclusive, but also tackles the issue of food insecurity. Abigail has designed a food bank that is functional, inclusive and comfortable so that users will not face any stigma associated with one’s personal circumstance. Her passion for interior design allowed her to express herself in this thesis project while addressing a social issue.

Project Overview

The project is a food bank hub located on Eastern Avenue. The space would be a multi-purpose community center and food bank that addresses the issue of food insecurity. The food bank hub would have the ability to provide job opportunities in the community; resulting in a socioeconomic growth. The space will also be promoting nutrition and a healthy lifestyle that can result in the increase of life expectancy in the community.

3D diagram of three levels of a food bank hub  Click to enlarge

Concept Development

Concept/Design Process

The concept of this project is Balance. This will be depicted in the information and services provided in the environment and the arrangement of the areas in the space.

Site Plan/Floor Plan(s)

The site of this project is located at 415 Eastern Avenue. It is a heritage building located in the Studio District in Toronto, Ontario. Transit in the area is provided by TTC and runs along Eastern Avenue, passing the site. Eastern Avenue runs parallel to Queen Street East, and is North of the site. Between the two streets there is a combination of residential and commercial spaces.

2D diagram of the food bank ground level floor plan  Click to enlarge

Ground Level Floor Plan

2D diagram of the food bank basement level floor plan  Click to enlarge

Basement Level Floor Plan

2D diagram of the food bank second level floor plan  Click to enlarge

Second Level Floor Plan

3D render of a open concept community workspace  Click to enlarge

Open Workspace

3D Views

The 3D views of the space represent the concept of balance and how the space tries to counter the stigma that is usually associated with people experiencing food insecurity.


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poster illustrating the exterior of the food bank, 3d renders of the inside and the floor plans