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Service Learning Projects

The Service Learning project was established by our program coordinator, Kelly Gluck, who strongly believes in the importance of working on projects of social merit.  These projects involve charitable groups, not-for-profit organizations and educational facilities. They celebrate experiential ‘learning by doing’ and they are a vital part of our program

Affordable Housing Project – GIANT + Humber

Render of House

Kerina Duarte, Luba Czepil, Lara Mouawie
Connect Toronto


Lily Donald
The Family Tree


Marko Micic

3D render of kitchen

Dakota Bongers
The New Normal: Working from Home

Education – Design Workshops

Pine Grove Public School Workshop

Larissa Borys, Danielle Narramore
Pine Grove Public School Interior Design Workshop

Thumbnail Image

Fraida Brogna, Nicola Klahre, Ashley Pilkington
TDSB Grade One Interior Design Workshop

Covid-related Projects

Bloomseed Render

Bammeke O. Akinyemi, Manu K. Heather


Kelly Gao, Aleah Knowles, Jing Shan Lai, Isabelle Rosil
Temporary Vaccination Centre for the Humber Gymnasium