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Nick Beneventi: Determination, Patience, and Focus

Nick Beneventi

Antony Biju: Observation, Organization, and Evolution

Antony Biju

Aviraj Cheema: Repetition, Collaboration, and Dedication

Aviraj Cheema

Jaaziel Codogan: Tedious, hands on, and increased skills

Jaaziel Codogan

Mark Connolly: Challenging, accept the uncontrollable, idea exchange

Mark Connolly

Raymond Daniel: Connection, Adventure, and Courage

Raymond Daniel

Curtis Dougan: Communicate, Socialize, Challenging

Curtis Dougan

Siew Yen Joanne Han: Intense, Social, and Motivated

Siew Yen Joanne Han

Patrick Hui: Fleeting

Patrick Hui

Yue Kan Lewis Hui: Marathon

Yue Kan Lewis Hui

Collin Jarvis: Change

Collin Jarvis

KyeongHoon Kim: Creative, Confident, and Pilgrimage

KyeongHoon Kim

Nathan Lildhar: Nocturnal, Better designer, and communicator

Nathan Lildhar

Nicolas Munoz: Matured, Empathetic, and Rollercoaster

Nicolas Munoz

Thomas Pantano: a breeze, the craziness of humber

Thomas Pantano

Mercedes Psenicnik: growth, embrace the unknown

Mercedes Psenicnik

Kendra Savard: intense, peer support, and collaboration

Kendra Savard

Logan Smith: inspired by others, finding purpose and passion

Logan Smith

Jean-Luc Whyte: confidence, collaboration, and spontaneity

Jean-Luc Whyte

William Yin: invigorating, learning to self reflect, and hands on learning

William Yin