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Horticulture Science

Certificate of Accomplishment | HSD1

Program Overview

The Horticulture Science certificate is an established program that provides a solid foundation of courses to successfully pursue or advance a career in the horticultural industry in such areas as greenhouse worker, gardener, and in parks and recreation and golf courses. Students will study botany, plant identification, tree and shrub care, turf management, and the general culture and care of annuals and perennials.

Learner Focus 

  • this program is great if you just want to upgrade your skills in this area OR
  • start and build your skills for an entry level position in this area 

Delivery Mode

All Faculty of Applied Sciences Technology Continuous Professional Learning courses in this program are being offered in an online virtual classroom unless otherwise specified (for example lab required components). 

Additional Information

Those who successfully complete the program are eligible to receive a certificate of accomplishment from Humber College. If you are not able to complete the full program, you may be eligible to receive a micro-credential based on successful completion of certain courses. If you are looking for more information, reach out to us at the contact information shown below.  One of our staff will respond to you as soon as possible. 


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Course Name 2022/2023 Academic Year 2023/2024 Academic Year 2024/2025 Academic Year
Compulsory Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan
HORT 015: Introduction to Botany and Soil in Horticulture
HORT 017: Pests, Disease and Ornamental Plants
HORT 104: Plant Materials and Greenhouse Operations
HORT 106: Horticultural Plant Identification and Turf Management

Compulsory Courses

HORT 015 Introduction to Botany and Soil in Horticulture
This course provides an overview of plant and soil relationships through an introduction to botany, plant physiology and soil science. The plant identification component of this course introduces students to some of the more common annuals, perennials, bulbs, ground cover, hedging and shrubs used in ornamental landscapes.


HORT 017 Pests, Disease and Ornamental Plants
Common pests and diseases of ornamental plants will be studied, including their chemical and cultural control(s). Pertinent legislation governing the use of pesticides and the changes to the Pesticide Act will be covered. The plant identification component of this course focuses on herbaceous ornamentals and common weeds. Note: This course is not designed to prepare individuals to write any exam leading to pesticide application certification.


HORT 104 Plant Materials and Greenhouse Operations
  Start Date: January 2023  
This course focuses on basic greenhouse operations. Plant propagation techniques will be covered through lecture and practical lab sessions in the College greenhouses. The plant identification segment deals primarily with foliage and flowering plants used in interior landscapes.


HORT 106 Horticultural Plant Identification and Turf Management
  Start Date: January 2023  
The two major topic areas covered in this course are Turf Management and Arboriculture Practices. The plant identification component continues the study of ornamental landscape plants, including perennials, shrubs and deciduous and evergreen trees.


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