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B.O.L.T. Entrance Scholarships

B.O.L.T. (Tridel & Partners) provides ten entrance scholarships worth $3000 each to students entering into the following diploma programs each September:

Recipients for each award must have successfully completed grade 12 or equivalent and have either:

  • Attended the Tridel Day of Discovery and completed a two week job shadowing experience on a construction site
  • Completed a high school program related to the trades, or
  • Worked in the construction industry for a minimum of two months

Applications are to be accompanied with the following supporting documentation:

  • Official transcript from final year at secondary school or equivalent
  • One letter of employment reference supporting the applicant's employment in the construction industry, if applicable
  • An essay of approximately 250 words on "What I have done to overcome obstacles (e.g., financial, other) in pursuit of my educational goals"
  • Must demonstrate financial need. Note students are eligible to apply for this scholarship whether they are on OSAP or not.

The B.O.L.T. program (Building Opportunities for Life Today) is a "collaborative community and industry initiative sponsored by the Tridel group that assists priority youth by connecting them to careers in construction by providing awareness, financial support and mentoring to facilitate their success in their educational and training pursuits."

Apply for the scholarship through MyHumber.