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Micro-Credentials at Humber

Humber offers micro-credentials that focus on the skills and competencies you need to be on the forefront of professional and personal development.

What is a micro-credential?

A micro-credential is a single, shareable endorsement or attestation of a learner’s achievement of specific knowledge, skills or even competencies. Micro-credentials are signified by a digital badge that can be shared on an online resume, portfolio or website. They contain embedded data about the micro-credentials, where and when they were earned and the competencies assessed to gain them.

Stackable Micro-Credentials

Learners may have the opportunity to combine individual micro-credentials to earn full credentials such as certificates and diplomas.

Start Earning This Badge!

REVIT Architecture Professional Certificate of Completion

Used by professionals in the architecture, design, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) and engineering, AUTODESK REVIT is a building information modelling 2D/3D software program.

Upon completion of the 3 REVIT micro-credentials, get the stackable credential.