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Canada's manufacturing industry has huge potential for our country’s economic future. The world is changing, and new technologies are not just opening new markets for Canadian goods, they are changing the ways these goods are produced. For manufacturing in Canada to remain a vibrant, innovative and competitive contributor to our economy, business and government will need to work together. A vibrant manufacturing community encourages industrial clusters that develop skills, knowledge and technology. SAT is at the forefront of this collaboration, providing students and faculty exciting new opportunities to collaborate with companies using the new Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation.

By clustering our programs to reflect industry trends and by continuing our investments in state-of-the-art multidisciplinary platform (including machinery and equipment), SAT will continue to support the transformation and growth of Canada's manufacturing and technology sectors, addressing skill shortages impacting all stages of manufacturing, from skilled production to engineering. Our students will benefit from connecting innovation and manufacturing capabilities, fostering collaboration, accelerating the adoption of advanced manufacturing processes in our class.

The Advanced Manufacturing cluster will include the following programs:

Program Name Code Credential Length Campus
Electrical Engineering Technician - Control Systems 30111 Diploma 4 semesters North
Electrical Engineering Technology - Control Systems 30101 Advanced Diploma 6 semesters North
Electromechanical Engineering Technician 3070R Diploma 4 semesters North
Electromechanical Engineering Technology 3071R Advanced Diploma 6 semesters North
Electronics Engineering Technician 03531 Diploma 4 semesters North
Electronics Engineering Technology 03511 Advanced Diploma 6 semesters North
Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician 03271 Diploma 4 semesters North
Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology 03601 Advanced Diploma 6 semesters North
Mechanical Engineering Technician 30601 Diploma 4 semesters North
Mechanical Engineering Technology 30731 Advanced Diploma 6 semesters North

Call Out for Industry Projects

Solve technical challenges with Humber students

Does your company need help solving a technical problem or innovation challenge? Students and faculty from our Mechanical Engineering Technology program are looking for opportunities to provide creative solutions/systems/prototypes for different sectors of industry through Capstone Projects which will be offered during Winter 2019 semester.

Collaboration with Humber’s School of Applied Technology provides students with real industry experience and gives our partners the chance to implement new technologies and ideas within their practice.

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