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AWS Academy Cloud Foundations

Course Code: ITCE 130

Gain the skills for AWS certification with Humber's Cloud Foundations course. Access and accomplish more with our Amazon Web Service (AWS) Academy course curriculum. As a member institution for AWS Academy, Humber offers a practical view of cloud computing, industry innovations and best practices. Students gain an overview of cloud concepts, AWS core services, security, architecture, pricing, dev ops, databases and networking support. Build your credibility and confidence - this course is ideal for people with backgrounds in wireless telecommunications; computer engineering; network support; operating and frameworks; enterprise software; business, commerce or management; digital business; and game programming. It is ideally suited to internationally trained IT professionals and also provides a great introduction to those in transition to work in cloud infrastructure. This intense accelerated course is just four weeks long. Students take classes during the evenings and weekends (two weeks), then online (two weeks). Students will learn through interactive lectures, discussions, access to industry research and case studies, knowledge assessments, and quizzes, with a series of hands-on labs.

Contact Information:

The Faculty of Applied Technology, Department of Continuing Education
416. 675. 6622 Ext. 5094

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