Senior Level Thesis Project 2

Course Code: IDSN 4502

Academic Year: 2019-2020

This course is a continuation of the student-initiated inquiry into a unique design from a planned idea or concept of a product or system whose benefit can be clearly demonstrated or proven by the intended user. This course is the completion phase of BIND 402 Senior Level Thesis Project I, forming a two-term in-depth application of the full program curriculum which encourages self-assessment and a development of success strategies applied to a product or system of products that reflects human lifestyle, social responsibility, business requirements and environmental imperatives. This comprehensive one-year design project consists of extensive research, detailed specific reports and support materials along with fully developed physical model(s). The development of the thesis project is to be recorded with annotated sketches and research that is categorized, edited and referenced with reference technical drawings. This advanced course enables students to showcase their interests and learning through informed project choice, in-depth research, project management, academic and professional interaction and verification and proof of their design's merit. The thesis is intended to be the centerpiece project of any graduate's portfolio and the capstone achievement in his or her undergraduate studies in industrial design.