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Technologists are employed in almost every sector of the Canadian economy – business, industry and government. Technologists and technicians are respected members of the inter-disciplinary teams. Some may work in office environments, some in labs and others on construction sites. Typical courses include mathematics, specialized engineering theory and labs.

Students gain hands-on training and experience with state-of-the-art industrial size equipment, in-shop projects, and dedicated computer and network labs using leading edge software. Students who choose to continue their studies at the university level will find themselves well prepared and comfortable with high-end tools.

Program Name Code Credential Length Campus
Civil Engineering Technology 03351 Advanced Diploma 6 semesters North
Computer and Network Support Technician 20421 Diploma 4 semesters North
Computer Engineering Technology 03501 Advanced Diploma 6 semesters North
Electrical Engineering Technician - Control Systems 30111 Diploma 4 semesters North
Electrical Engineering Technology - Control Systems 30101 Advanced Diploma 6 semesters North
Electrical Techniques 04021 Ontario College Certificate 2 semesters North
Electromechanical Engineering Technician 3070R Diploma 4 semesters North
Electromechanical Engineering Technology 3071R Advanced Diploma 6 semesters North
Electronics Engineering Technician 03531 Diploma 4 semesters North
Electronics Engineering Technology 03511 Advanced Diploma 6 semesters North
Mechanical Engineering Technician 30601 Diploma 4 semesters North
Mechanical Engineering Technology 30731 Advanced Diploma 6 semesters North
Sustainable Energy and Building Technology 31551 Advanced Diploma 6 semesters North
Wireless Telecommunications 20331 Ontario Graduate Certificate 2 semesters North