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Design is not just about art, it is a way of thinking. It is about solving problems logically as well as aesthetically. The world is a blank canvas, a puzzle waiting to be solved, a place to be made more comfortable, functional and beautiful. 
At Humber, we prepare our design students with the ability to analyze, problem-solve, create and recreate the things around them. Whether you design interiors, exteriors, products or energy solutions - our programs will show you how to take your ideas from imagination to product.

Program Name Code Credential Length Campus
Arborist Apprenticeship 06131 Certificate of Achievement 12 weeks TBD
Architectural Technology 03371 Advanced Diploma 6 semesters North
Design Foundation 09151 Ontario College Certificate 2 semesters North, Orangeville
Industrial Design, Bachelor of 22031 Honours Degree 8 semesters North
Interior Decorating 31511 Diploma 4 semesters North
Interior Design, Bachelor of 22051 Honours Degree 8 semesters North
Landscape Technician 01521 Diploma 4 semesters North
Project Management 31521 Ontario Graduate Certificate 2 semesters North
Supply Chain Management 10151 Ontario Graduate Certificate 2 semesters North